A day at camp

Even editors go to camp.

On Aug. 29, the diocesan Living Justice department hosted a Gathering for Families at Camp Tekakwitha on Loon Lake in Shawano County. The summer camp programs were over, but the camp facilities were still set up for summer, so it was a perfect day to have a send-off for summer. Being in several places at once — to take photos and cover talks — is always a challenge. So is not getting a camera wet while you stand on a dock in the lake to get photos of canoeists and swimmers.

Nate Bekkers aims for the target on the archery range at Camp Tekakwitha, the diocesan camp in Shawano County on Aug. 29. (Patricia Kasten | The Compass)

And getting a good shot of archery — like that of Nate Bekkers shown here — while remembering to stay behind the line of fire takes some multi-tasking.

Even though the event lasted just one day, parts of it are still going into the future. The sacrifice beads that many people made from beads and string are no doubt the focus of many prayers today. The same is true for the knotted cross woven with cords tied by day campers in honor of new friends made on Aug. 29. The cross of wire blue and white ropes will be travelling to Philadelphia with 113 pilgrims from the Green Bay Diocese later this month.

The day at camp was wonderful for the 180 people of all ages who attended and, beyond doubt, is something for more families to look forward to for next year.


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