Jesus’ message is for all believers

This week’s Gospel shows a side of Jesus that seems out of character for the one who has come to bring good news. Initially, Jesus simply ignores … Read More

When in fear, turn to Jesus

“[D]o not be afraid.” I read once that someone counted 365 times in the New Testament where Jesus tells his followers not to be afraid – once … Read More

Mountaintop moments are temporary

Mountaintop experiences; we’ve all had them: a graduation, wedding, birth of a child or grandchild, a special anniversary, retirement and a gold watch. These are moments that … Read More

Everyone has their treasure

I’ve written before about my mother’s belief that “… all things work for good for those who love God …” My Mom knew from personal experience that … Read More

God’s reign transforms us

Jesus tells three parables concerning the kingdom of God in this Sunday’s Gospel reading: the weeds and the wheat, the mustard seed and the yeast. Each parable … Read More

Persistence leads to good fruit

Zoey is a teacher. Soon after graduating from a respected university with her degree in education, she found a teaching position in a large inner-city school. Older … Read More

Accept God’s invitation for rest

“Come to me, all you who labor and are burdened …” With the 4th of July, summer has officially arrived, and the city where I live, surrounded … Read More

Welcome those who stand at the door

The city where I live is surrounded by beauty. A chain of lakes and crisscrossing rivers offer opportunities for water skiing and speedboat racing, canoeing, kayaking, fishing … Read More

Live in trust and confidence in God

Today we reenter Ordinary Time at the twelfth Sunday. The common theme of all readings today, God’s provident care for us, manifest a loving and caring God … Read More

The promise of infinite grace

In the 1987 Academy Award winning film, “Babette’s Feast,” we meet Babette Hersant, a 19th century Parisian political refugee. Babette sails to Denmark where she forms a … Read More