Is your suitcase packed with worries?

If the commandments are our road map and being holy is our destination, then maybe this week’s readings are intended to tell us what to pack for … Read More

Ask God to lead you in life

“Be holy, for I, the Lord, your God, am holy.” If last week’s readings gave us a road map (the commandments), this week’s (Mt 5:38-48) seem to … Read More

Choices on how to live, who to feed

It sounds so easy. “If you choose you can keep the commandments …” (Sir 15:15-20). Of course we choose to keep the commandments, at least most of … Read More

Light to the whole world

In this week’s Gospel, Jesus says, “You are the light of the world.” It might be difficult for us to capture the astounding nature of this saying … Read More

Embrace a new way of being blessed

The Beatitudes — probably no words in religious literature are more beloved. But have you ever really thought about what Jesus was actually saying? Do you honestly … Read More

Finding sacredness in the work

It is said that teaching, farming and healing are the three sacred professions. Certainly, teaching is much in the news these days. Just listen to any political … Read More

Slow to accept the Lamb of God

It’s called “racial profiling” and it has a long history as a subject of concern. After Sept. 11, 2001, the pall of suspicion in airports and at … Read More

A lesson about welcoming strangers

Often parents must move during a school year; this necessitates that younger children enroll at a new school. When Jimmy or Sally come to class, the teacher … Read More

Mary serves as a model of strength

In my first parish, part of my job was to help couples plan their wedding liturgies. Sometimes a bride would ask about going to pray at the … Read More

The adoration of the shepherds

In Christ’s time, a shepherd’s life was lonely, poor and dangerous. A shepherd lived outdoors facing the twists and turns of the seasons and the threats of … Read More