Live in trust and confidence in God

Today we reenter Ordinary Time at the twelfth Sunday. The common theme of all readings today, God’s provident care for us, manifest a loving and caring God … Read More

The promise of infinite grace

In the 1987 Academy Award winning film, “Babette’s Feast,” we meet Babette Hersant, a 19th century Parisian political refugee. Babette sails to Denmark where she forms a … Read More

The responsibility of discipleship

Disciple: one who embraces and assists in spreading the teachings of another; an active adherent, as of a movement or philosophy; one of the original followers of … Read More

Use words that bring understanding

“Jargon” — those specialized words and expressions that we sometimes use without even being aware of it. As a Roman Catholic liturgist, I occasionally catch myself referring … Read More

In union with Jesus in care

When we celebrate the solemnity of the Ascension, we find ourselves in very much the same situation as the disciples who watched Jesus ascend. We gaze into … Read More

Jesus promises to send help

“If you love me, you will keep my commandments.” Jesus isn’t asking us to become subservient. The fact is, if we really love someone, we will want … Read More

A leadership model to follow

The author of a commentary on this week’s Gospel writes, “Jesus is the model for all who are called to leadership.” This week’s readings contain a number … Read More

A presence for those in need

In the last set of considerations of “The Spiritual Exercises,” St. Ignatius of Loyola suggests a series of meditations on Jesus’ resurrection. As the retreatant considers the … Read More

Journey from darkness to spring light

His surgery was successful; the grateful man thanked the surgeon but later he apologized for not having thanked God. Their baby daughter had come early and the … Read More