Slow to accept the Lamb of God

It’s called “racial profiling” and it has a long history as a subject of concern. After Sept. 11, 2001, the pall of suspicion in airports and at … Read More

A lesson about welcoming strangers

Often parents must move during a school year; this necessitates that younger children enroll at a new school. When Jimmy or Sally come to class, the teacher … Read More

Mary serves as a model of strength

In my first parish, part of my job was to help couples plan their wedding liturgies. Sometimes a bride would ask about going to pray at the … Read More

The adoration of the shepherds

In Christ’s time, a shepherd’s life was lonely, poor and dangerous. A shepherd lived outdoors facing the twists and turns of the seasons and the threats of … Read More

Angels are still among us

“Life is difficult.” These words are as true today as they were for Joseph when he found out that his betrothed was pregnant. “Joseph, son of David, … Read More

The messenger before the Messiah

All three annual cycles for the Sunday readings reserve the Third Sunday of Advent for a narration about John the Baptist. This week we have a reflection … Read More

What fruits do our actions produce?

The topic was Christmas shopping. I had just returned from my first (and, hopefully, last) foray to the mall and was talking with some folks at church … Read More

Hedonism or moral renewal

The commercial world starts early in preparing for Christmas. Business concerns itself with financial profits and not the Old Testament prophets who announced the coming of the … Read More

Called to offer forgiveness

In her book, “Dead Man Walking,” Sr. Helen Prejean tells about her journey with a man on death row. The man had been sentenced to death for … Read More

The good life brings healing rays

As we approach the end of the church year, the readings at the Eucharist confront us with some difficult considerations of the four last things: heaven, hell, … Read More