• From Scout dad to regional leader, Chris Brandt promotes faith through scouting


Couples reaffirm vows during marriage celebration

MANITOWOC — St. Francis of Assisi parishioners decided to do something different this year in conjunction with World Marriage Sunday. Instead of just displaying wedding photos as … Read More

A priest’s perspective on going to confession

Confession: A Lenten series

Editor’s note: During Lent, many of us choose to go to confession (the sacrament of reconciliation). But, it may have been a while since your last visit. … Read More

Preparing for Lent: The ‘whys’ of the season

ALLOUEZ — Wednesday, Feb. 26, starts our season of Lent this year. We all know about Lent — that it lasts 40 days, leads to Easter and … Read More


‘My life just isn’t as valuable as others’: Woman sues British government

MANCHESTER, England  — A woman with Down syndrome will take the British government to court in an attempt to change a law that permits abortions up to … Read More

Through their work, couple shares life, hope with people at end of theirs

PHILADELPHIA — Jim Brady can look at his wife, Amanda, and know when she’s had a long day, one she might not want to discuss for another … Read More

L.A. Religious Education Congress speakers emphasize evangelizing, mercy

LOS ANGELES — Sister Teresa Maya, one of the keynote speakers at the Religious Education Congress in Los Angeles, spoke to thousands at the Anaheim Convention Center … Read More

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DACA recipient: ‘My message would be of love’

Sam Lucero | The Compass

ALLOUEZ – The Supreme Court began hearing arguments Nov. 12 in a case that could eventually end the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program, also known as … Read More

Pocket crosses still making impact

Sam Lucero | The Compass

ALLOUEZ – A good deed’s impact may never be known, but Karen Schramel of Woodstock, Ill., was determined to make known the “miracle of the Lord” she … Read More

‘Gather the children in this wild country’

Sam Lucero | The Compass

The story of the Blessed Mother appearing to Adele Brise in 1859 has been retold countless times, generation after generation. The message Our Lady of Good Help, … Read More