Good news comes in a new package

By Sam Lucero | The Compass | February 4, 2009

Good news also comes in the form of S.O.S., a faith-based support group for people who have lost loved ones to suicide. Survivors of Suicide was formed in 2007 by Sr. Pat Touhey of Two Rivers and continues to offer support and encouragement to area residents. S.O.S.’s story is also presented in this week’s Compass.

Each week, inside the pages of this newspaper, we present Good News stories in all shapes and sizes. As your official Catholic newspaper, our mission is to form and inform readers. We do this through regular features such as “Catholic Neighbor” profiles, Foundations of Faith catechetical articles, Scripture reflections and news stories.

Now the “Good News” comes wrapped in a new package, the newly redesigned Compass.

After months of planning and preparation, your diocesan newspaper has a new look. We hope you like what you see, and that you’ll share your copy with friends and encourage them to subscribe. In the weeks to come, you’ll notice new features within these pages. For example, a new Kids’ Page for younger readers debuts this week on the back page. Next week, we’ll begin an in-depth series on coping with cancer, taking a close look at the role faith plays in the battle.

In addition to our print edition, The Compass Web site,, has received a major overhaul. The new site offers many of the latest features that Internet surfers  have come to expect, plus useful tools such as ways to easily reprint or e-mail articles of interest.

During February, we celebrate Catholic Press Month. It’s an observance that goes back many decades, and serves to remind Catholics that a wealth of publications — newspapers, magazines and books — exist to help inform and educate them. What better way to observe Catholic Press Month than with your newly redesigned Compass. Feedback is encouraged. Please let us know what you like — or dislike — about the new design. Comment on what you find useful on our new Web site. As we move forward, we’ll continue to improve your diocesan newspaper in ways that bring the “Good News” to your mailbox and your computer.

Keep those subscriptions coming

Last week’s announcement by Bishop David Ricken to discontinue Fr. Richard McBrien’s column was met with mixed reactions. A sampling of letters to the editor on this subject appears on this page. While not all of our faithful readers agree with it, The Compass staff accepts Bishop Ricken’s decision. Not only is Bishop Ricken the chief shepherd of this diocese, he is publisher of the diocesan newspaper.

To our loyal readers who have called and written, asking that their subscriptions be cancelled, I would ask you to reconsider. Your diocesan newspaper is much more than one column, one writer. Rather, it’s a snapshot of your diocese and our universal church, warts and all.

This sales pitch may sound familiar. It’s the same one used when trying to convince critics of Fr. McBrien’s column from canceling their subscriptions.
In fairness to our loyal readers, we have decided to discontinue George Weigel’s column. Weigel was equally criticized by Compass readers and occasionally questioned church authority in regard to Catholic social teaching. In the future, we will present guest opinions and columns available from Catholic News Service.

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