Wish List: Lenten giving seeks Easter joy

By | February 27, 2009

The wish list will also be on our Web site, www.thecompassnews.org through Lent and the Easter season.

Le Royer Hospice, Antigo

This end-of-life program at Langlade Memorial Hospital is sponsored by the Religious Hospitallers of St. Joseph. It cares for patients in five counties and helped 102 last year. Sr. Adele Demuling, director, says they are looking for donations to allow staff to attend a seminar on the psychology of dying, which costs $150. Sr. Adele said that what the staff learns could then be used to train other staff. They also need funds to buy booklets for families of patients. The booklets cost $2 each. Contact Sr. Adele at (715)623-2331, ext. 793.

Heart to Heart Care, Appleton

Sr. Suzanne Dietz, a Sister of St. Joseph (Stevens Point), provides transportation, respite care, shopping and other services for seniors and those with disabilities. Each year, they provide up to 10,000 miles of transport services. They began a prayer shawl ministry in 2006 and have given away 220 shawls. They need donations for new tires for their van and maintenance service on its fuel system and power steering. Sr. Sue also needs yarn for shawls. Contact her at (920)423-3099.

Catholic Youth Expeditions, Baileys Harbor

In 2002, Fr. Quinn Mann (now associate pastor at St. Pius X Parish) began taking youth on camping trips that combined prayer, Gospel exploration and outdoor adventure. This year, CYE will be based as St. Joseph Formation Center in Door County. They also opened a coffee house in Appleton at 1000 W. Wisconsin Ave.

Fr. Mann said they need energy efficient light bulbs (“We’ll need a lot of those”), kayaks and a small outboard motor for the formation center, and a vehicle for a soon-to-be hired housemother. They could also use biodegradable cups for the coffee house. Call Fr. Mann at (920)312-0070.

NEW Community Shelter, Green Bay

The shelter provides dining, emergency shelter and referrals. Last year, they helped 800 people and served 83,000 others in their 365-day a year meal program. Development director Kris Olson says they would like large cans of fruit (100-plus servings) for the meal program, gift cards for clients to buy clothing and shoes, a heavy duty kitchen cart and a new bike rack for residents. Call Olson at (920)437-3766, ext. 102.

St. Vincent de Paul House of Hope, Green Bay

The house serves pregnant and/or single mothers, ages 18-24, and their children – up to 10 families at a time. They need new twin mattress sets and comforters, size 4 and 5 diapers and high-efficiency laundry soap. “Most of our comforters came to use gently used,” said development director Jennifer Allen, “and over the years they have become simply ‘used’.” She adds that, since food stamps cannot be used for diapers, residents have to rely on House of Hope to provide them. Call Allen at (920)884-6740.

Mount Tabor Center, Menasha

This is the only retreat center in the diocese that focuses directly on youth and young adults. Last year, they served 3,100 students. Director Eden Foord says they would like a new Dell computer for the business office, and laundry and dish soap, paper towels and toilet paper. “The burden of keeping an inventory of soap and toweling can be astronomical,” Foord said. Call him at (920)722-8918, ext. 103.

Chaplain, Oshkosh Correctional Institution

School Sister of Notre Dame Susan Clark is a chaplain at this medium security prison, which houses 2,040 men, with 327 registered as Catholics. She says she needs money for things like hosts and missalettes, as well as white taper candles and polyester altar cloths. “It is important for us to have these items to celebrate liturgy as in a local parish,” Sr. Susan said. She also asks for donations to help purchase greeting cards for the men to send to family members, “as communication is vitally important” to them. Call her at (920)231-4010, ext. 2171.

Labor of Love, Oshkosh

This Pregnancy Resource Center provided free services to 220 women last year. Begun as a maternity home in 1994, it now provides for the material needs of infants and new mothers, as well as adoption and medical referrals and pregnancy testing. Director Ginnie Anderson says they would use funds to pay for their rent for one year, so that other funds could be directed toward setting up a medical center and securing an ultrasound machine. “Nine out of 10 women choose life for their babies when they see them through ultrasound,” she said. They would also like a color copy machine. Call her at (920)231-6006.

Horizon Adult Day Care, Antigo

This day care facility for seniors in Langlade County provides activities, companionship and peer support in a safe, structured environment, especially those suffering physical, emotional or mental impairments. Program coordinator Kerri Matz says they need a gas grill for their cook-outs. Presently, they ask use the hospital’s grill, which must be shipped from another site. They would also like a computer, so clients can learn to email relatives. And they need a new cover for their glider swing, along with materials to rebuild the raised garden containers that clients plant in spring. Call Matz at (715)627-0657.

Fox Valley Warming Shelter, Appleton

This two-year-old nondenominational venture addresses the increasing number of homeless in need of emergency overnight shelter. Brad Vivoda, executive director, has seen an average of 13-14 people (men and women) use the shelter each night. Since the shelter has no permanent facility, it has been rotating its weekly base between facilities at 18 local churches this winter. They have more than 1,000 volunteers and hope to have a permanent facility next year. Vivoda says that, long term, they need donations to build that structure. For now, they also need gas cards for the van used to transport clients from downtown to the shelter each night, and grocery store gift cards for coffee and food to make an evening meal for the clients. Call Vivoda at (920)277-1968.

WomenKind Medical Clinic, Appleton

For over 25 years, Fox Valley Mother and Unborn Baby Care, and their medical clinic have offered free pregnancy testing, limited ultrasounds, education on adoption, abortion, parenting, and medical referrals to all girls who may find themselves pregnant and afraid. Staffed with a volunteers and medical staff, the clinic saw over 525 clients last year, according to director M.J. Clements. “We see over 400 clients each year and they will have multipliable visits.” They would like donations to help pay for training their nurses in ultrasounds, pregnancy tests, diapers and clothing. They could also use donations of diapers, baby clothes and cribs. Call her at (920)731-4354.

The Bridge-Between Retreat Center, Denmark

This rural retreat ministry, rooted in Dominican spirituality, serves 5,000 a year. They also have a working farm and organic garden. They would like a light-weight vacuum for rooms in the renovated silo. Dominican Sr. Caroline Sullivan also wishes “every reader of The Compass would donate a talent, or $5, to join us in strengthening connections between God, self, neighbor and creation.” Call her at (920)864-7230.

Marion House, Green Bay

This group home for pregnant teens and teen mothers can shelter eight residents and eight children at one time. Director Judy Cleveland says they would like folding chairs and tables to use in their newly constructed transitional apartments. They would also like a color printer for the resource center where the mothers complete their high school classes. She also asks for educational toys for 2-5 year-olds and diapers for newborns. Call Cleveland at (920)496-1478.

St. John the Evangelist Shelter, Green Bay

The downtown overnight shelter generally serves 30-40 men and women. The population has a high incidence of mental illness, substance abuse, disabilities, and recurring disorders. The seasonal shelter runs from Nov. 1 to April 30. The big wish, said executive director, Mary Kelly, is for space to provide privacy, upgraded shower and bathroom facilities, and more daytime case management hours for connection to other service providers would be the biggest wishes “Remodeling of space would allow our guests a quiet area for reading or relaxing as well as a separate space for television viewing” she said. They could also use dehumidifiers and fans to control the humidity and air flow of the large living space. Call Kelly at (920)436-9344.

StreetLights Outreach, Green Bay

This nighttime outreach has provided food and companionship to homeless and marginalized people in at-risk neighborhoods of Green Bay for four years. They offer food and beverages each week, from April to October, and also sponsor monthly block parties attended by up to 150 people. In the first week of February, they had a cook-out at Green Bay’s St. John the Evangelist Shelter. Each block party’s food costs run from $150 to $250. They would like gift cards to local buying clubs, like Sam’s, to help purchase food. Call Deacon Steve Meyer at (920)497-1179.

Wellspring, Green Bay

This downtown, drop-in center, sponsored by the Sisters of St. Francis of the Holy Cross at Bay Settlement, assists up to 250 women a month. The women come from various faiths and ethnic backgrounds and need, as Sr. Fran Bangert says, “a sense of safety, belonging and encouragement … (in) facing daily challenges of poverty, unemployment, depression and low self esteem.” Wellspring needs a new refrigerator, and bus tokens and food items for the snacks they provide daily. Wellspring hands out up to 20 bus tokens a day. Call Sr. Fran at (920)433-9995.

Elizabeth Ministry International, Kaukauna

Elizabeth Ministry International provides, mentoring, hope and healing on issues related to human sexuality, relationships and reproductive concerns, as well as parenting. Local parish chapters – across the U.S., Canada, Europe and Asia – provide mentors and resources. Founder Jeannie Hannemann says their biggest need is for a grant writer, as well as other volunteers to staff their ministry center. Their big dream is a motor home to become a “Marriage Mobile for transporting resources and services on the sanctity of marriage to travel throughout the diocese and beyond.” They also need twin beds, paper supplies and snacks for their tea room. Contact Hannemann at (920)766-9380.

Fr. Carr’s Place 2B, Oshkosh

For 34 years, the Place 2B has built a network of services, including a food bank and pantry, two shelters and a free health clinic. Director Joe Geniesse, executive director, says they need kitchen appliances for the Mother Teresa Center, which is where they host free Easter, Thanksgiving and Christmas meals, as well as other community gatherings. They also need laundry detergent for the families at the shelter, and personal hygiene products, especially deodorant. He was also hoping that families or parish groups might consider adopting one of their shelter room and “decorate it up, paint it, things like that.” Call Geniesse at (920)231-2378.


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