Barbie memories

By | March 5, 2009


This week’s editorial about the Barbie doll brought back memories.  I, too, had a Barbie. (No, not the 1959 model – a later one.)

I was never much of a doll person – I preferred stuffed animals.  Dolls, to me, seemed too harsh: they didn’t move – at least not much; you couldn’t really hug them; you couldn’t cuddle with them or cry into them, because you’d ruin their hair; and playing outside would mess their fancy dresses.

But, like all good toys, Barbie opened the door of imagination.  Her wardrobe and accessories showed glimpses on the adult world, much as wearing Mom’s high heels or jewelry did. I could think about, dream about, my grown-up future. 

Hopefully, Barbie still does that for children.

No, I don’t still have my Barbie. My little brother took care of that one overly active day!

I do still have my nun doll, though.

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