Cancer series concludes

By | March 19, 2009

Keep them in prayer

With this issue, The Compass’ six-week series, Coping with Cancer, comes to a close.

As we conclude a series that explored the stories of cancer patients and their families, as well as cancer risks and cancer care in our area, we present the names of people who are struggling with cancer. (See page 16.) Their names were submitted by family and friends during the past six weeks. You are asked to include them in your own prayers.

We also ask you to remember those who have lost their struggle with cancer — though they have won the victory of life in Christ. Their names and faces are indelibly etched in our minds and on our hearts. In the Communion of Saints, they remain united to us.

Finally, we ask you to remember the families and friends of those who have experienced cancer; they, too, need our prayers.

In some way, each of us has been touched by cancer. We may feel helpless before cancer, and so many other diseases, yet — in the power of the risen Christ, none of us is truly powerless. We have the power of prayer, we have each other, and we have Christ.


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