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By | March 19, 2009

Week 1:

0907delveaux3webWho is the face of cancer? Delveaux’s journey with colon cancer began in 2006.

Figures show that nearly everyone touched by cancer

Environmental factors play risk in developing cancer: Part I

Week 2:

0908noah6web2Faith helps family battle cancer: Noah Oakley has been fighting brain cancer since age 2

Nunley shares her cancer journey with the world

Environmental factors, Part II: Radium, arsenic affect ground water

Week 3:

0909martinez1web3Family’s loss leads to online ministry: Following child’s death, family creates Web site to pray for others

Oncologist finds satisfaction treating cancer patients

Environmental factors, Part III: PCBs in area streams

Week 4:

0910chaplain1web3Hospital chaplains offer ministry of presence

After losing family, friends to cancer, woman finds strength through Relay for Life

Hospice can be family’s anchor during cancer battle

The cancer marathon: One step at a time

Week 5:

0911kuick-mach1web3In sickness and in health: Cancer battle can test couples’ wedding vows

A home away from home for families battling cancer

Cost of health care can prevent some seeking cancer treatment

Week 6:

0912schwartzweb3Family reaches out to others battling through cancer

Collaborative effort helps region fight cancer

Seeking spiritual support from St. Peregrine

Resources for people battling cancer

Prayers to St. Peregrine

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