Can you spare a prayer?

By | May 7, 2009


Today, May 7, is the 58th annual National Day of Prayer. On April 17, 1952, President Harry S. Truman signed into law a bill declaring that a National Day of Prayer be proclaimed each year. Truman left the yearly date to his successors’ choices, but, in 1988, President Reagan amended the law and set the National Day of Prayer on the first Thursday in May.

OK, Catholics may not notice this day as much as say fans of the Rev. Billy Graham, since Graham has been a big promoter of national days of prayer. But we Catholics certainly believe in group prayer. (Think the Mass and sacraments.)

So what’s your favorite prayer? A formal one, a passage from the Bible, or something you cobbled (love that word) together over the years? Whatever it might be, you might want to take an extra moment to pray it today.


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