How are you using Twitter?

By Sam Lucero | The Compass | June 16, 2009

Here at The Compass, we’ve been using the microblogging web application Twitter since last February, when we redesigned our Web site. We use Twitter to post updates of stories that appear on our Web site, to share with our followers other Catholic-related stories from around the world, and to inform people about interesting happenings around the diocese and at The Compass.

To date, we have 250 followers, give or take a few that seem to be added or dropped each day. “Followers” are fellow Twitterers who sign up to follow your updates. Most of our followers, obviously, are Catholics, Catholic organizations and members of the media.

While in Anaheim last month, I was able to use Twitter to update our followers on the events taking place at the Catholic Media Convention (#CMC09). Even during our award banquet on a Friday evening, I posted in real time the award winners from Wisconsin.

On a more serious note, journalists and private citizens in Iran are providing updates on the riots taking place there following the re-election of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. By inserting a hash tag — #iranelection — on Twitter’s search engine, you get can constant updates (140 characters or less) from Iran. By using a Twitter companion site such as TwitPic, one is able to post photos to an account that links to Twitter. It’s really an amazing way to communicate.

I would like to hear from other Catholics in the diocese how they use Twitter, who they follow and how they believe the church can benefit from this new form of communication. Please offer some suggestions. Post a comment to this entry or drop me a note on Twitter, @thecompassnews.  And if you don’t already, please follow us.

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