Tough economic times

By | June 17, 2009

The economic downturn has hit all businesses, nonprofit and for-profit alike, hard. While job cuts have not been made in the Diocese of Green Bay, other measures have been taken. Salaries have been frozen, about 12 positions are not being filled, and employees will need to use vacation or unpaid time when the diocesan offices are closed from Dec. 28 through 31.

The move was needed to assure that the diocese operates in a sound, efficient manner, mindful of the need to be good stewards of its resources. Other dioceses around the country are taking similar actions to address expected drops in revenue and donations. At the same time, the Green Bay Diocese is working with parishes to reach out and assist neighbors struggling with job losses. Resource materials offering suggestions have been sent out to parishes.

In his column, Bishop Ricken notes that the church, in the midst of its own financial difficulties, must continue to serve all those who are struggling due to economic hardships. “Now is the time for each and every one of us in the church to be generous stewards of the many gifts that we have been blessed with,” states Bishop Ricken.

So while church employees are not immune from job cuts and salary freezes, they continue to respond to the needs of others.

For this reason it is important for Catholics throughout the diocese to continue supporting the Bishop’s Appeal. Donations help pay salaries of diocesan employees, who in turn help people in the community.

Please keep all the newly unemployed in your prayers and remember to assist them in any way you can, including through generous support of the Bishop’s Appeal.

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