No hugs and kisses

By | August 24, 2009

If you thought the swine flu was dying out or gone, think again.

The Associated Press is reporting that pilgrims to the shrine of St. James – Santiago Santiago de Compostela – are discouraging pilgrims from kissing the saint’s statue for fear of the rapidly spreading virus.

Traditionally, pilgrims – St. James is the patron of Spain – have both hugged and kissed the saint’s statue for centuries. Now, because swine flu is spreading rapidly across Spain, ushers at the shrine are gently informing pilgrims of the advice not to touch the statue for fear of spreading germs.

The AP story – at — says that the flu is spreading so rapidly in Spain, that the Health Ministry has stopped trying to count the number of confirmed cases.

Locally, Wisconsin remains at the top of the list for reported swine flu cases in the country. Our diocesan schools are being updated on the most recent CDC guidelines,  (, according to Holly Rottier, Catholic Schools Director. And those guidelines will be adapted as the school year opens and the flu makes itself more known.


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