A Child Speaks to a Mother’s Heart

By | November 6, 2009

O’ Lord you hold me in your loving hands

O’ Lord, you knew me by name even before you created
the world. You called me a precious child in your sight
as you knit me in my mother’s womb. Our Heavenly
Father sees the wonder of the unborn child inside the
mother’s womb as the light of his spirit surrounds both of

Growing moment by moment inside my mother, the food
that I receive gives me life. Does she know my body and
soul is separate from hers, even though our hearts beat
together as one?

When my mother gets nervous and excited about things,
tears come to her eyes. I sense her emotions. When she
sleeps peacefully, I notice the calm of her body. “I am
her child that lives inside of her, who wants to love her.
If she keeps silent she can hear me speak to her heart.”

My heart has love for you even if you don’t love me. If
you listen to me, I can bring joy to your heart. Will you
speak to me because I love the sound of your voice?
There could be wander when you look down into my eyes,
as I reach out to you and touch your face with my
hands, if only you allow me.

When I cry, you comfort me by wiping away the tears
from my eyes, as you hold by body close to your heart. I
feel the warmth of your body, when you rock me to sleep
in your loving arms.

My Hands may be small, they can still hold yours. I
want to learn to walk with you, my little feet along side
of yours, as I look up to you with love in my heart. I
want to run into your open arms, my gift of love is a
smile for you.

Do you remember when you were a little girl and your
mother held you close to her? Wouldn’t it be just
wonderful for you to hold me close to you? I do not
worry about anything when I know that you love me.

If you allow me to live in God’s world, I could become a
Priest, a religious sister, a father, a mother, a doctor,
a nurse, I could become almost anything if you only give
me the chance to live. Please do not put money,
possessions, conveniences or your career before my life
because I need your love and commitment to be able to
come into this world.

Why is a mother afraid of her child within her womb?
Doesn’t she understand the great joy she’ll receive when
her child has been born? Can anything take the place of a
love between the mother and her child?

When you choose to end my life, my body becomes torn
and broken. I am not the only one who dies, but a part of
you will never be the same. What is on your mind when
my life ends? Will you ever miss my hands, my feet, my
face, my eyes, my tears, my sadness, my voice, my
laughter, my hugs, my kisses, and my love for you in
your life?

Our Heavenly Father sees the death of your unborn child
as he looks down upon my torn and broken body. Tears
come to God’s eyes, as he gathers my lifeless body into
his loving arms with sorrow in his heart.

Our Lord is surrounded by all the Angels and Saints.
The Holy Family is by your unborn child’s side, when
they enter heaven. O’ Lord, you make the child whole
again in your heavenly kingdom and you wipe away all
the tears from the child’s eyes.

Your child is on the knees of Jesus and his Mother as
your child looks down to earth and says, “Mommy!”
“I love you, mommy.” St. Joseph and the Heavenly
Father are by their side, as the light of his Spirit
surrounds them.

Her child forgives his mother for ending his or her life.
Her child prays that one day his mother has sorrow in
Her heart for what she ahs done to her unborn child. Her
child hopes and prays that she goes to God and asks
forgiveness and healing for what she has done.

“Mommy, my love is as deep as the ocean for what I
feel in my heart for you. Please come back to God.” Our
Heavenly Father is waiting for the day to come with open
arms and love for the mother of her unborn child. God
embraces her with his loving arms and wipes away all
her tears and sadness from her heart.


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