Roemer appointed to new Catholic Charities family strengthening post

By | December 2, 2009

She said most of the families Catholic Charities work with have immigrant or refugee backgrounds. “(They) may have difficulties with accessing services due to language and cultural barriers,” she explained. “Our goal is to help families remove those barriers so that they are able to be self-sufficient.”

Family strengthening is a new department of Catholic Charities, said Roemer. It combines several previous departments such as immigration, Hispanic outreach and refugee services.

“I hope to help create a common goal and vision for the group of individuals I’m supervising,” said Roemer, who began her new position in September. “I plan to work on finding additional sources of funding for our program in order to help support the work we’re doing, as well as possibly create some new programs.”

Prior to her new position, Roemer worked as a mental health counselor for nearly five years with Catholic Charities. “I’d like to use my experience in this area to continue counseling individuals and families who are Spanish-speaking,” she added. “While we are seeing some increased services in this community for Spanish speakers, mental health services have been limited due to few bilingual providers in this area.”

Roemer has been a counselor in various settings for the past 15 years. “Through that work, I’ve had lots of experience in working with families who have difficulty getting their basic needs met,” she said. “I also have worked with diverse populations, and understand the gifts and the struggles that go along with living in a different culture.”

Working for Catholic Charities is rewarding, she noted. “Catholic Charities is a unique organization in that it offers a variety of high quality, professional services for individuals and families: adoption, budget counseling, mental health, as well as the Family Strengthening Program. We offer real help to people of all backgrounds who perhaps have been turned away from other places due to lack of ability to pay.”

One of Catholic Charities’ hallmarks is its high standard of service, said Roemer. “(We) are always striving to improve in ways that make our services more accessible and effective.”

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