The gift: One child to be born 

By | December 11, 2009

Yet, at the same moment, I was filled with the joy of what was to come. I anticipated how this little person would affect my life forever. My husband’s reactions were similar to mine, since the youngest of my four children was almost 7 years old at this time. We became very excited about our new little family member who was to arrive around St. Valentine’s Day, eight months later.

After we told our children and the initial surprise sunk in, names were being picked out based on the preference of whether our baby would be a sister or brother, and immediate prenatal doctor visits began due to my “older age.” Yes, dear Lord, we want this baby and are so thrilled that you have chosen our family to receive this gift.

Our plans were all set, but God had another plan. I had a miscarriage when our unborn baby was only about 11 weeks old. The joy of what could be, now turned into a great sorrow and wonder of “Why?” Why did God bring our “Little Valentine,” as we affectionately called our baby, into our lives and then so suddenly take him away? We already began to know our little baby. Although our society does not deal well with someone whom they cannot see, the doctor recognized him in the ultrasound and my husband and children recognized him in their love.

This gift from God was to change us forever. In this very short time that Valentine existed, God granted our family with many blessings.

First, God affirmed the plan for our family and the relationship between my husband and me, as we were open to life.

Secondly, my children learned a sorrowful but beautiful lesson about the gift of each life. God has the perfect plan for our lives and that each of them was created for a purpose and to make a difference in this world.

Third, the sorrow from this loss gave us an increase in understanding, wisdom and knowledge of the sacredness and power of every human life. It taught us about obedience of faith and the ability to say “yes” to God’s plans for us, regardless of the consequences.

Lastly, it reminded us how life is fragile. Each person is a unique gift created in the image and likeness of God. We may not fully understand why things happen as they do, but as it states in Psalm 139, God knit us together in our mother’s womb. … He knows the days allotted for our purpose. Valentine’s short life gave so much to our family, just as other babies have their mission to fulfill.

So, during this blessed season, think about the power of God — salvation through an infant in a manger, because of the “Yes” from his mother. Consider the gift of each child to be born. God sent his son, Jesus, that we may have life and have it abundantly. So, with the power of the Holy Spirit present in the soul of each child, let us celebrate the gift of each life with those women who are expecting.

Let us comfort those who have lost their child through a miscarriage or death.

Let us support those who are in a crisis pregnancy and need our help to sustain their choice for the life of their child.

Let us also invite those who have had abortions to experience the healing power of God’s love and mercy (

Each day God is giving the gift of life to thousands of children yet to be born. They each have great dignity and purpose and will change the world forever. During this holy season, let us rejoice and give thanks for Mary’s “Yes” for choosing the most precious gift of all, life for her son, Jesus Christ. May God bless your life abundantly!

Pallini is respect life consultant for the Diocese of Green Bay.

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