Group plans to send medical supplies to Haiti; donations sought

By | January 15, 2010

“Friends of Haiti normally conducts its efforts in the central valleys and mountains of Haiti,” said Kucera in a press release. “However, since this area was not severely affected by the earthquake, support is being redirected to Port-au-Prince and to Matthew 25, a mission guest-house operated by the Parish Twinning Program of the Americas.”

Friends of Haiti volunteers stay at Matthew 25 on their way to and from the mission sites. “On the evening of the earthquake, Matthew 25 was one of few places in Port-au-Prince with electricity provided by their backup generator. They cooked large pots of soup, lit up their soccer field and served as a treatment and triage center,” noted Kucera. “Three Haitian doctors, the staff and six guests provided support throughout the night.”

Donations can be sent to: Friends of Haiti, PO Box 1174, Green Bay, WI 54305. Mark all donations “Earthquake Relief.” To learn more about the work of Friends of Haiti, visit their Web site,

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