Salvatorian Mission Warehouse sends aid to Haiti

By | January 21, 2010

The relief packages weren’t going to be shipped through the warehouse’s usual channels because they haven’t shipped directly to Haiti since the late 1980s. Br. Regis said that customs in Haiti, as well as safety issues and uncertainty about the aid getting where it belongs, have prevented that. The current packages are being shipped through other relief agencies including Catholic Medical Mission Board, Americares and MAP (Medical Assistance Programs) International.

“Last week, Catholic Medical Mission took 600 of our blanket packs,” said Br. Regis. “They said they were going to airlift them into Haiti” because the docks in Port-au-Prince remained closed due to quake damage.

More blanket packs, totaling 1,000, are being made. The 2,500 disaster relief kits were made of products from Johnson and Johnson, Inc., that were sent by the company to the Salvatorian warehouse for repackaging.

Besides the work for Haiti, the warehouse was filling a container with supplies to be sent to missions in Honduras on Jan. 19, which had suffered its own 7.1 magnitude earthquake in May 2009 and which experienced a 4.8 quake on New Year’s Eve. Honduras is still rebuilding from the devastation of floods in October 2008 that affected 200,000 people and washed out many of the nation’s roads.

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