‘Called to Serve’ is Bishop’s Appeal theme

By | February 5, 2010

BALogo2010web2The video tells the stories of Deacon John Ingala of St. Raphael the Archangel Parish, Oshkosh; Barb Tremel, business manager at St. Thomas More Parish, Appleton; and Sally Korbisch, director of religious education at St. Anthony Parish, Tigerton, St. Mary, Marion, Holy Family-St. William, Wittenberg, and St. Mary, Leopolis.

“When you look at someone like Barb Tremel, for example, it’s a blessing that God has called her to her ministry,” said Diedrich. “She has an MBA, so she could very easily be working elsewhere, but her love for the church has drawn her to helping St. Thomas More as a business manager. The Commissioned Ministry Leadership Formation Program, which is funded by the Bishop’s Appeal, helped give her the full picture of what being a business manager means. It was more than the educational training, but the spiritual side of that formation.”

The video is available on the recently updated Catholic Foundation Web site at www.catholicfoundationgb.org. Diedrich encourages donors to visit the site to further educate themselves about the allocation of Bishop’s Appeal funds.

“You will not only find the video there, but a lot of detailed information about how your money is being used,” he said. “If you click on ‘Annual Giving’ and look under ‘Bishop’s Appeal,’ each program that receives funds from the Appeal is highlighted with examples of the different ministries provided.”

Donors may make their gifts online. Information about the Catholic Foundation and ways to remember the church in wills and estate plans is also available on the site.

The goal for the 2010 Bishop’s Appeal is $5 million. Last year, more than $800,000 supported Catholic Charities, which serves more than 42,000 people.

“I was really excited to have Bishop Banks (a Catholic Charities board member) share his thoughts on the video,” said Diedrich. “Some people are really struggling in northeast Wisconsin and Catholic Charities is playing a big role in helping people deal with those struggles. In 2009, Catholic Charities saw a 23 percent increase in people asking for help. The budget counseling program saw a 40 percent increase.”

Diedrich invites donors to ask their employers if they provide a matching gift program. Even companies that may not provide a matching gift for religious purposes will likely provide a match for Catholic Charities, which supports people of all faiths.

He also encourages donors to consider pledge gifts with the use of electronic fund transfer or a credit card.

“It’s a lot easier for people to spread out payments towards their gift for several months than making one payment,” he said. “For my wife and me, we look at our gift and make it as a pledge. We spread it out and work it in as part of our budget.”

Donors who give $500 or more are members of the Crozier Society.

“We are so grateful for whatever gift you are able to make,” said Diedrich. “Last year, we had 33,000 gifts to the Appeal. We would love to see that number go up. For those who haven’t ever made a gift, there is no better year than right now. In the video, Bishop Ricken quotes Pope John Paul II who said, ‘The future starts today, not tomorrow.’ By making a gift, you are helping someone today.”

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