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The Most Rev. David L. Ricken is the 12th bishop of the Diocese of Green Bay.

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God calls us; how do we respond?

By | February 5, 2010

Each of us is called to serve. As you attend church this weekend pray about how God is calling you to serve. Maybe he is calling you to be a lector, a religious educator, a deacon or maybe a pastoral associate. God calls each of us every day; how we respond is up to us.

One way to respond is by generously supporting the Bishop’s Appeal. As parishes across the diocese begin the 2010 Bishop’s Appeal campaign this weekend, I am excited to share with you three of the many ways your gift to the Bishop’s Appeal makes a difference.

n Catholic Charities provides outreach services to more than 41,000 people. Our professionals focus their efforts on individual and family counseling, family strengthening services for refugees and immigrates, adoption and pregnancy counseling for birth parents, adoptive couple and unplanned pregnancies. Another key service is budget counseling. As you can imagine, this service has become very critical for many families as they look for tools and guidance in financial management.

n Learning also happens in our Catholic schools and religious education programs for young and old. The Education Department helps parishes and schools with curriculum that guides their educational programs. Their quality resources and training assist educators in fully sharing the depth of Catholic faith.

n Sharing the Catholic faith through preaching, assisting at Mass and reaching out to the community are three ways deacons in our diocese are impacting lives. All of our deacons undergo spiritual and academic training and formation through the Diaconate Program. This program is also funded by the Bishop’s Appeal.

These are just three ways your gift to the Bishop’s Appeal makes a real difference across the diocese. As stewards, we strive to live a deep prayer life, are challenged to offer our skills and talents to the church through service, and are grateful to share those financial blessings the Lord has given each of us. Sometimes sharing our financial gifts is most challenging. It is the trust we have in the Lord that moves us to give generously. If you would like to make a gift to the Appeal, please fill out the pledge card you received in the mail or you can make an online gift by visiting the Catholic Foundation Web site at Please give generously to the 2010 Bishop’s Appeal.

Thank you for supporting this important Appeal and for responding to God’s call.

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