Lent, Fr. Rolheiser and Favre

By | February 22, 2010

(The connection is purple.)
The job of reporting has many aspects. Ideally, I like doing interviews face to face. I have learned that facial expressions and body language can tell me far more than the words that are spoken.

However, that is not always possible, especially with interviews of people who are not in the area. That was the case with interviewing Fr. Ron Rolheiser, OMI (Feb. 19, 2010 issue), I had to call San Antonio, where he is president of the Oblate School of Theology. The interview was in advance of Fr. Rolheiser’s appearance in Green Bay on March 4-6.

During the interview, Fr. Rolheiser said one of his talks would feature an hour of time devoted to Brett Favre and the affect his move to the Jets and then the Vikings had had upon the Green Bay self-image.

“I know the whole city is working with a wounded psyche,” Fr. Rolheiser said.

Thus ensued a few spirited minutes about Green Bay, football and religion.

Of course, it was all a joke. I suspected it from the first mention of Favre – but I have to admit that I didn’t catch the jest quite as soon as I would have in a face-to-face.  (Also, since I was typing the interview at the same time, my attention was a bit divided.)

But then again, wouldn’t it be fun to talk about how Favre has affected our thoughts about heroes and faith – not necessarily religious faith. After all, football in Green Bay often brings on something akin to religious fervor.

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