A Mother’s Love for Her Children

By | March 10, 2010

O’ Lord your spirit of love surrounds us!

The mother holds dear to love, which she gives freely to those around her.

As she listens to their wants, joys and sorrows. O’ how a mother loves her

children with great warmth, charm and desire, because she has them

within her beautiful body for nine glorious months.

She feels its movements with a magnificent wonderment of love and hopes

that her child may be healthy. She wonders what color eyes and hair they

may have, which fascinates her with an unbelievable joy, that never goes

away! O’ how time passes by ever so slowly. She gets nervous, excited, as they

pray over her child and hope that God will make everything ok.

Oh it’s a mother’s love that makes her so happy to give of herself to have

this baby, that she and her husband want so very much! That it brings

them joy of heart, as tears roll down their faces. They look into each other’s

eyes and kiss each other’s tears away with love. As they embrace for this

moment in time!

When the time comes to give birth to her baby, they love so dearly, it seems

forever to come! Then the pain comes and it hurts so much, but she

prays to God that the pain goes away. Slowly her baby comes forth, after

which the pain ceases, as illuminating joy overcomes her very being! She

forgets about the pain she and her husband went through for this new

baby of theirs. Tears come to her eyes as she holds the infant, so very close

to her heart for the first time. A glorious smile appears on her face that

radiates from her very body and soul, for this new baby that God gives

to them. This love never ends.

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