How priests ‘reflect love of Jesus’ heart’

By | March 17, 2010

YearofPriestsweb2“Fr. Anthony Cirignani (associate pastor), OFM, reflects Jesus’ love for me because he is warm, kind and accepting. He is not afraid to receive or give affection with hugs. He is helping me discern a religious vocation and shares in my spiritual writings and journey.”

Joy Peterson,

St. Philip the Apostle, Green Bay

“After 33 years, Fr. Charles Hoffmann has not become a grumpy old priest. He’s touched many hearts, shared countless sorrows, ministers to young and not so young, finds great joy in little things and still gets revved up on life.”

Julie Rindt,

St. John, Antigo

“Our pastor, Msgr. Jim Dillenburg, sets a good “Jesus” example. He gives everyone a chance. He invites all of us to participate in “our” church. He has a great sense of humor and takes time to playfully tease parishioners of all ages.”

Al and Shirley Czech,

St. Elizabeth Ann Seton, Green Bay

“Our priest is Fr. David Ruby and he is special in many ways, but the way he gives the homilies after the Gospel is special. He doesn’t read it. He tells it like it’s coming right from his heart, like the Holy Spirit is telling him what to say. I’m sure it’s a gift. We all listen to every word.”

Charles and Gen Richard,

Stella Maris, Egg Harbor

“Through his wonderful homilies Fr. Ron Belitz inspires me to believe in Jesus’ love for us and a “we can do it” attitude despite our humanness and frailties.”

Marion Vogel,

Prince of Peace, Green Bay

When I was a youngster, I heard my mother refer to our pastor as a gem. He sparkled, she said, in all the qualities you look for in one who is a gentleman, scholar, friend and priest. … I could not help but think how well they identify my current pastor, Fr. Tom Wojciechowski, OFM. In his biography of St. Francis, G.K. Chesterton said that the “great mystics” approach religion like “a love affair.” Fr. Tom is a true son of St. Francis.

Gene and Virginia Hruska,

St. Mary of the Angels, Green Bay

Fr. Joseph Dorner reflects the love in Jesus’ heart for me because he accepts me with all my faults. He encourages and guides me in my struggle to find God’s presence in my darkest times. His faith in me has taught me to trust God and believe he is with me always.

Marilyn Haines,

Holy Family, Marinette

No matter how busy he has ever been, Msgr. Roy M. Klister has been present to minister to us at our moments of greatest need.

Michael F. Lee, pastoral minister,

Ss. Peter and Paul, Green Bay

Fr. David Kiefer, along with our Deacon Tom Hartman, have a gift for bringing out the best in everyone, enabling us to work together to achieve our goals as a parish.

Kathy Zarda,

St. Joseph/Holy Family, Phlox

Fr. Gery Meehan (Norbertine), reflects the love in Jesus’ heart for me because of his loving, gentle, philosophical manner and how he knows just how to reach my heart with his words.

Michelle Rider,

St. Willebrord, Green Bay

Fr. Ken DeGroot (Norbertine) reflects the love in Jesus’ heart for my family and all the families of God because he reaches out to all persons with love, regardless of their ethnicity.

Michelle Rider,

St. Willebrord, Green Bay

Fr. Bill O’Brien has exemplified the love of Jesus by praying with my wife as she battled cancer, administered Anointing of the Sick as I suffered with leukemia, and shaped four parishes into one with some agony and much prayer.

Patrick Stapleton,

St. Peter the Fisherman, Two Rivers

Fr. John Girotti reflects the love in Jesus’ heart for my husband and me, because, through him, we have rekindled the light of our Catholic faith. He has blessed us during illness and gave us strength. By his teaching and example, we are better Christians … better Catholics.

Ann and Bob Van Grinsven,

St. Mary, Leopolis

Even though he was sent to our parish when we were in serious turmoil and division, in January 2007, Fr. Dave Hoffman has been an inspiration to all. He has worked diligently and lovingly to meet the spiritual as well as the other needs of our parish. … He has managed to restore a semblance of unity and cooperation back to St. Nicholas. His love for the children (they love his brown bag homilies), the elderly, the sick, those with special needs and parish members in general is evident in his face whenever he is in contact with anyone.

Margaret Randerson,

St. Nicholas, Freedom

Fr. William Swichtenberg (was) happy/content at St. John’s Howard, (but) when chosen to be pastor of our linked parishes — Holy Rosary, Kewaunee/St. Mary’s, Algoma, both having schools — Father served with a dedication, care and love that is shared and seen in every celebration.

Mary Thorpe,


Thank you, Bishop Bob (Morneau) for being you… kind, supportive, tactful, and Christ-like in all the work you do in parish work and diocesan duties. You continue to be a supportive presence for my family and me.

Larry and Mary Kay Nielsen,

Resurrection Parish, Allouez

Fr. Jim Jugenheimer knows just how to interpret the word of God for us, whether with his dynamic homilies, or his beautiful singing, in every wonderful Mass celebration. In his humility and wisdom, he attributes it all to the Holy Spirit.

Nancy Megal,

Most Blessed Sacrament, Oshkosh

Fr. Brian Belongia has ministered to our entire church community by renewing the faith of the young, elderly and all in between of our faith community. He has kindled the anticipation and desire of the young to serve as acolytes. The youth program is under new rejuvenation. … Most of all, he is a comfort to the elderly, the ill and those in physical and spiritual sorrows when needed in the most during difficult times and circumstances.

Karen Hammen,

St. Mary Magdalene, Waupaca

Fr. Gerald Falk shares his knowledge of Scripture, his life experiences and love for God and his people. He spends time in prayer, reflection and research to prepare his homilies. They are honest, affirming and challenging thoughts for everyday life. He is a compassionate shepherd and servant leader to all who know him.

Sandy Scheibe,

St. Thomas More, Appleton

Fr. David Beaudry (pastor, Holy Spirit, Darboy/Kimberly), has a deep love for Christ and his church. His homilies are full of energy and challenge us to think deeper. He “speaks (and lives) the truth in love.” He is a dedicated “servant leader” who imitates the life of Christ with great compassion and love.

Sandy Scheibe,

St. Thomas More, Appleton

Fr. Richard Allen reflects the love in Jesus’ heart … in the care he takes in preparing excellent homilies and responding to the day-to-day spiritual and temporal needs of all of us. He’s just a great guy – we are lucky to have him!

Patricia Laux,

St. Gabriel, Neenah

Fr. David Duffeck (pastor of St. Mary and St. Joseph parishes, Oneida) does everything every good priest does in parish work. This is not easy for Fr. Duffeck because he has many physical limitations. I believe he looks at his limitations as a gift from God. … He accepts his suffering as Jesus did.

Jan and Larry Van Kauwenberg


Fr. Don Zuleger reflects the love in Jesus’ heart for us because: children flock around him; he makes us all feel welcome and needed and is a great administrator; his enthusiasm for Scripture and the Bible is expressed through his homilies and at the Fox Valley Catholic Bible Study which meets every Friday; he brings our community together in a spiritual manner; our parish is successful in so many ways because of his constant presence; he makes every effort to attend all parish meetings and is very involved with our school; we all love him; he is very Christ-like.

Seraphim Choir,

St. Bernadette, Appleton

Fr. Bob Rank creates an environment that exudes his delight in our parish community and encourages us to fully participate in the celebration of the Eucharist.

The Schwitzer family,

St. Michael, Keshena

Fr. John Girotti, pastor and rector of St. Francis Xavier Cathedral, is special because his presence evokes humbleness and sincerity. His devotion to Christ shines through in his gentle voice and heartfelt gestures.

Darcy and Brett Stempa,

St. Mary, Leopolis

I see Jesus in Msgr. Jim Feely. He filled a spiritual void in my life and makes me realize that Jesus loves me.

Denise Steudel,

Ss. Peter and Paul, Hortonville

This newly ordained priest, Fr. David Kelly, is welcomed at St. Bernadette Parish. We thank him for accepting God’s call to the priesthood and we are looking forward to his guidance in helping us to reach God’s Kingdom.

Seraphim Choir,

St. Bernadette, Appleton

Our pastor, Fr. Jerry Pastors, is Jesus walking this earth. He is a young, energetic priest who is in the process of uniting and strengthening three merged parishes into St Katharine Drexel Parish. He is a holy man. He has the patience of a saint. He is a gentle leader with a wonderful sense of humor.

Phil and Joyce Bruecker,


Fr. Ted Hendricks exemplifies his love and trust in God through his homilies and actions with an unrelenting spirit that shows he is happy in his chosen vocation. His devotion to his faith encourages us to do the same.

Rita Theobald,

St. Mary, Black Creek

“Why do I love my priest? I do not have enough adjectives to describe him. He is kind, loving, patient, self-sacrificing, generous and humorous. I’m sure he has many more qualifications but my education limits me. We at Sts. Peter and Paul are so blessed to have Fr. Loren Nys for our God-loving shepherd.”

Monica Manz,


Fr. Jon Hephner, a retired senior priest of St. Augustine Parish of Wausaukee and St. Agnes Parish of Amberg, reflects the love of Jesus’ heart for me because he speaks of wisdom that he has gotten from being a 75-year golden jubilee priest.

Name withheld

Fr. Mark Vander Steeg of St. Mary Parish in Greenville and St. Edward Parish in Mackille reflects the love in Jesus heart for me through his weekly articles in The Compass newspaper. I am an avid reader of his articles and find his “Questions for Reflection” thought provoking.

Name withheld


Fr. Matthew Settle, services four churches and three nursing homes in a 30-mile radius — St. Margaret, Pembine; Sacred Heart, Aurora; Maryhill Nursing Home, Niagara; Golden Living Nuring Home, Florence; St. Anthony’s, Niagara; St. Mary; Florence, and hospital chapel visits. He reflects the love in Jesus’s heart because he practically wears out his sandals going from town to town and village to village just like Jesus did. Whew!

Name withheld

Fr. Walter Stumpf brings great incite into the words and actions of Jesus in the Gospel. His short and to the point message relates to our everyday life in action. On Sundays in Ordinary Time, Father incenses the altar which is a great way to honor our dear Lord.

Phyllis Glynn

St. Mary’s Crivitz

Fr. Tom Reynebeau, pastor of St. Jude the Apostle Parish, Oshkosh, exemplifies Jesus in his moving sermons, which he relates to people of all ages. He is a great communicator with everyone from young children to older adults. He is a very caring individual and a great leader of our parish. We are blessed and honored to have him! Many thanks to you, Fr. Tom. May you stay with us for a long time to come! God bless you.

Debbie Dumann

St. Jude the Apostle Parish

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