Turning green brings new life

By | April 21, 2010

The estrogen in this pill is not good for the environment or us. Many varieties of the pill threaten and contaminate our drinking water and kill the new babies in the womb. Numerous studies prove that the estrogen hormone from birth control even causes deformation and reduces fertility in a variety of fish — even our perch in the Great Lakes.

This sounds crazy but it is true. Studies from the Environmental Protection Agency, the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service, the American Pharmacists Association and Sierra Club International; various university studies at Brunel in England, Rutgers, Pittsburgh and University of Colorado all prove that contraception is damaging our environment and leaves carbon footprints.

These studies explain how the estrogen that is filtered through a woman’s body during use of the birth control pill, does not break down, thus it is still the same chemical that ultimately ends up in our sewer water. Estrogen is specifically designed not to be biodegradable. This is shown in its link to breast cancer and liver cancer in many cases.

Sadly this information is not shared with people who choose contraception. Maybe if we were told about more of these detrimental effects of the pill, we would save not only the environment, but the give truth and life to the people using contraception and save the preborn babies who die through low dose birth control pills, which result in chemical abortions.

We have an alternative to birth control that is life giving and environmentally friendly: natural family planning. It is not only in line with the teachings of Christ and his church, but it is also free of any environmental damage, it is healthy for marriages and it saves preborn lives.

We owe it to ourselves to check it out and seek truth, for the sake of our own bodies, the sake of the environment and the sake of future generations. Jesus calls each of us to himself, which is truth.

Jesus invites us to be responsible for what is happening around us. What is happening to his gifts of creation? Life is short. We don’t have time to be “cafeteria Catholics” and choose certain truths, and leave others behind. We are called to care for all life and to love and serve others with great charity.

So the challenge for us is to find out the truth and share it with those that you love. It isn’t always easy, but if we have the courage to find it and share it-it will bring new life to others and the environment. So, let’s go green and celebrate the gift of life.

For more information on natural family planning, download this document from the U.S. bishops’ Web site.

Pallini is respect life consultant for the Diocese of Green Bay.

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