It’s our time to defend life

By | June 23, 2010

What would happen if we watched the evening news tonight and a reporter was tripping over his words as he explained that 3,500 teachers from all over the United States died that day, with reasons completely unknown? The deaths did not discriminate against sex, race, religion, or nationality; people from all walks of life were dying. The shock, fear and uncertainty would be so great that we would not be able to breathe. The entire nation would be frantic. Hoards of people would be completely focused on this outrage.

As we woke up the next morning, reporters on every channel would feature this story. Everyone in the nation would be tuned in to this horrifying nightmare. As the day would unfold, the story would expand; now thousands of production workers were dying. As our nation was in a complete standstill, people would pray for protection against whatever is destroying these teachers and production workers. The days would move forward and the news would continue to get worse. The next morning this path of fear and useless dying of our neighbors would continue with 3,500 firemen, then 3,500 doctors, then 3,500 scientists, mothers, professors and priests; day after day this deep seated fear and dying would rock the nation.

We could not figure out who was next and why this plague was upon us. The days would sadly pass by and this would become our way of life. This pattern would continue each day as our nation lost 146 people an hour, 3,500 a day, 24,500 a week, and 1.3 million a year, until it totaled more than 52 million members of our families, friends and neighbors who died for no good reason.

It is June 25, 2010, and sadly, this horrific experience is real. Each day we witness the 3,500 innocent people dying due to the choice of abortion. Why is this horrific act, this senseless killing a woman’s right? Why has it become legislation to debate, instead of what it is: murder that kills our future teachers, scientists, religious and fathers?

More than ever, it’s time to be God’s disciples, to “hear Jesus’ words and put them into action.” Pray, fast, get involved. Let’s do our part to end this nightmare and pain of abortion and transform this reality. It’s easy. Follow God’s teachings, get involved in pro-life organizations and the 3,500 deaths a day will fade away.

It is our time, right now, to end abortion. As disciples we are called to prayerfully go forward, to defend and protect God’s gift of life! Duc in altum! (Check out the Catechism of the Catholic Church: 767, 768, 1691-1695) and

Pallini is respect life consultant for the Diocese of Green Bay.

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