Sunshine or sacrifice?

By | June 9, 2010

God gives us his power through our baptism to be the salt of the earth, the light in the darkness, and the hands, hearts and voices to build a culture of life.

Every day people sacrifice their lives for the lives of others, in small and large ways. When we choose to serve, prayer is the key to success. Not wimpy, scattered prayer that we pump into the jukebox of requests when we want something (although that is part of it), but living in prayer; time spent talking to God and listening to what he asks of us, then actually doing it.

St. Paul told us to pray always. It changes us — it changes everything. God will use our prayer and move us beyond our comfort zone to accomplish the impossible. What is so wonderful about our Catholic faith is that the more we give ourselves to God, the more he can use us and give us his power to transform this culture.

Each of us is born to serve and sacrifice. We are born to become saints. So, in order to become that, it only takes one conscious step, “Yes, Lord, I will serve. Count me in. Count me in to get off my comfortable chair in the sun and get on my knees in front of your Son. Count me in to be a soldier to fight for justice, to sacrifice my life for freedom. Count me in to defend and protect the vulnerable, persecuted, abused and unborn, the elderly and disabled who need my assistance, the terminally ill and dying who are at a crossroads of their lives. Count me in Lord to honor the dignity of each human life I am called to serve.”

We are called to fight for life in simple ways. Forget about lunch with the girls or a beer with the guys and ask, “Who can I serve today?” We have the choice to make the decision right now, every moment, every day. Are we choosing to soak in the sun and enjoy our cool drink or are we going to soak in the Son of God and enjoy the eternal drink — joy, service, sacrifice, salvation? Ironically, the most awesome thing about all of this: if we truly understand sunshine, sacrifice and service, we get to have it all!

God bless all of the people who sacrifice their own lives for the right to life for others — around the world and silently in the womb.

Ask our Blessed Mother for her powerful intercession to pray for us and all who serve, love and live in the light of her Son.

Pallini is respect life consultant for the Diocese of Green Bay.

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