Life: If it doesn’t matter…

By | September 22, 2010

… We would fund embryonic stem-cell research with taxpayer money and kill all of these tiny people in the name of research.

… Jesus Christ would not have had to suffer and die for each of us. He would not have given his life that each person may live.

… We would not care who we voted for when elections came around because taxes, economy, immigration, marriage, jobs, liberty and pursuit of happiness would not exist without life.

But, life does matter. Each life, from the moment a person is created — whether a tiny embryo, seven-month old in-utero, healthy or terminally ill, mentally or physically disabled, valedictorian or MVP, rich or poorest of the poor — each of these is a human being; a life that God has created. When we are conceived we have a soul. No one has the authority to choose our life or not.

The fifth commandment tells us we shall not kill. We are culpable and responsible to uphold life. Every facet of our culture exists purely because life does matter. That’s why Catholics are standing up for life. We are to pray to build a culture that truly respects all life.

That is why we are walking the 40 Days for LIFE Vigil: so that we can publicly unite to pray for an end to abortion and pray away abortion clinics out of our cities so that people will not have to suffer the pain it brings. (You’re invited to join us now until Oct. 31 rain or shine, day or night, to joyfully unite in prayer. Go to or

That is why we vote to elect representatives who uphold the Catholic values of:

• “Right to life of every human person. First and foremost, being the primary and thus most essential of all human rights.”

• Traditional marriage,

• Serving the needs of the poor and those in danger or distress,

• Caring for the environment (as listed in the August 2010 letter from all five bishops of Wisconsin to Catholics on faithful citizenship).

In the Catechism of the Catholic Church, look up numbers 2258 to 2479, and read over the parts that explain our teachings on the dignity of life. If you don’t have a catechism, buy one or go online. It is a must for any Catholic home. It simply and clearly gives you the teachings of our faith. It explains truth. It explains why we believe what we believe.

The great thing about our Catholic faith is that no one makes up information. Our doctrine is all there from the beginning. Jesus instituted the church so that we may know the truth on all issues.

Ultimately, each life was created so that they may spend eternity with God in heaven; and only God is the authority to give and take life. No scientist in the name of research can kill, no doctor in a clinic or medical building can kill and no legislation can allow it. It is against God’s law.

Jesus came that we may have life and have it abundantly. Jesus gives us hope of an eternal life that each of us are called to share in. If we kill someone, we take away their life … that matters.

Pallini is the respect life consultant for the Green Bay Diocese. Visit

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