Visioning process uses Appreciative Inquiry model

By | September 1, 2010

1027appreciative-inquiry-chartweb2On Sept. 16, Krivanka will be the keynote speaker for the 2010 Fall Diocesan Staff Gathering Day at St. Mary Church in De Pere. Krivanka will help diocesan employees prepare for the Diocesan Visioning Process by introducing them to Appreciative Inquiry.

In a letter to diocesan staffers, Krivanka said that Appreciative Inquiry is “centered in the words of Jesus: ‘I came so that they might have life and have it more abundantly.'”

Appreciative Inquiry “is centered in the art and practice of asking life-centered questions that can strengthen an organization’s ability to realize its full potential,” said Krivanka.

He noted that when connected to Catholic spirituality, Appreciative Inquiry “provides a framework for envisioning a parish, ministry or life setting that is centered in seeing and telling the ‘Good News’ of the Gospel…”

In an interview with The Compass, Krivanka said that Appreciative Inquiry is a powerful process that meshes with Catholic spirituality.

“Out of every type of organizational method or strategic planning process, I’ve learned that nothing more deeply connects with Catholic spirituality than Appreciative Inquiry,” he said. “It’s a wonderful way to connect our theology and our pastoral practice.”

It focuses on the goodness and grace of God and how these gifts are abundant in life, he said. “The process fully connects with those kinds of images and gives us a tool to be faithful to what we want to do and what we believe in.”

Appreciative Inquiry uses story-telling as a basis for creating new ideas for the future of ministry. “The compelling insights and images are brought together to form a vision for positive change and a fuller life,” said Krivanka.

He defines Appreciative Inquiry as “the process of asking questions and exploring things that most give life, health, vitality and excellence.”

Krivanka will make a return appearance in the diocese next February, when he will facilitate a leadership summit for 50 diocesan leaders at Monte Alverno Retreat Center.

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