LOL: Live Out Loud, in truth

By | October 27, 2010

Pro-lifers are praying, not protesting. They also are taking care of their families, donating money to the poor and distressed, volunteering with Habitat for Humanity, Paul’s Pantry, local fund-raisers for various charities and Catholic schools, attending church on a regular basis, if not daily, ready to help their pastors, priests and preachers, and are willing to die for Christ.

They are following in the footsteps of Christ and changing the culture, from womb to tomb, not picking and choosing one particular issue and ignoring all others. It is time for all Christians to ask themselves: Am I pro-life or not? Do I care about the poor but also help to end abortion and euthanasia? Do I try to stop embryonic stem-cell research? (Since it doesn’t work, is immoral and kills the person, versus adult stem cells that are healing thousands of people from diseases). Am I voting for an elected official come November who puts the right to life first and foremost as the primary issue, and instead going against the teachings of the church and vote by placing the order of importance on issues that best suit my economic interests and opinion?

These are harsh and very difficult times. To be pro-life is to stand witness to all life issues, not have an opinion because you are in a certain party, organization or because we think we know what is best. Jesus Christ knows what is best. We are either pro-life or we aren’t. Either we are praying and defending all life issues and following the teachings of the Catholic faith, or we are following our own creed.

We have killed 52 million human beings due to “choice.” We need to ask ourselves this: If we killed 3,500 environmentalists today, or 3,500 peacemakers today or 3,500 women, would there be a rage and uproar in our nation? You bet there would be. But we are doing that! Each week 24,500 people that God created are killed. Babies, who have a mission from God, are destroyed by another’s “choice.” Why can’t we see this? It is so clear.

The people who pray and witness to life are those you recognize carrying the signs on Webster Avenue. We cannot be Catholic and support abortion by our apathy, well-intentioned but misguided opinion, or our vote. We need to come together and live out the teachings of the church. All life is sacred, so let’s act like it. Live as the saints and martyrs, using truth as our guide. If all life is sacred, then defend and protect it, in our families, at clinics across town around the world … and at the polls.

Pallini is the respect life consultant for the Green Bay Diocese. Visit

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