In love and thanksgiving for life

By | November 17, 2010

Since this office began this time last year, I am humbled by the support received, both in work and in prayers. We were able to accomplish a few things to move forward and better promote the cause for life. In thanksgiving to Bishop David Ricken for making this office one of great priority, to the diocesan staff that supported the efforts, to the pro-lifers who are thrilled at the new initiative and efforts that are helping to support life within their parishes and schools.

I often feel we have 9,000 things to do, and only 10 are being completed. But, I am often reminded that at least 10 are being completed. It’s God’s work and his timing … just keep praying and working. I am truly blessed that we are able to bring to light truth, resources and events that support life throughout the diocese. As we move forward, the main focus must be to explain why it is so important for this generation to know the truths about life, not what the culture teaches, but what God has placed before us. As Christ gave his greatest sacrifice on the cross, to show us how to love, we also have the opportunities each day to be Christ to others.

As we stand up and proclaim that all life is sacred and has great dignity, we realize that love is the reason why we must choose to move forward. We are blessed to know truth, so with great thanksgiving we are challenged to live this life of love for others: the tiny unborn baby hoping so desperately that his mother chooses life; the disabled who are equal in stature and teach us what strength and dignity truly means; the forgotten, the elderly and ill that would share their love with us, if we open our hearts and minds and see Christ in their eyes; the child in our home, whether 6 or 18 years old, who needs our time and attention, to let them know they are loved and valued; the imprisoned who would receive so much from our sharing beautiful inspirational books and prayers; for those who have hardened hearts to the mercy and love that God has to offer them.

There are infinite ways to live our lives in an active giving of thanks! As St. Paul tells us, we can become and accomplish great things, have prophetic powers and all knowledge and even go to the point of delivering our body to be burned, “but if not love, I am a noisy gong or a clanging cymbal. … I am nothing. … I gain nothing.” (1 Cor 13:1-3)

The bottom line is LOVE. If our hopes are to transform this culture, Catholics must value each human life, preborn and born, and give thanksgiving to God for our life and for all that he will accomplish through our love.

Pallini is the respect life consultant for the Green Bay Diocese. Visit

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