We do not lose faith or hope

By | December 7, 2010

In a sense, this prophecy was fulfilled Monday when inexplicably and mysteriously one of our young men held us hostage and continues to do so. We were reminded of how illusive answers can be, of how broken our human nature can be, and of how beyond understanding so much in the physical and spiritual world can be. But we do not have to be afraid or angry for very long.

These are just facts we have always known, and now and then our little world, in which we eat, drink, marry and go about our business, is overrun by a flood, causing us to step back and ask “Why was I surprised, I knew this all along? How could I have forgotten?
This is what Advent is about, reminding us of this truth. During Advent we cry out, “Maranatha!” (An Aramaic word occurring only once in the New Testament) meaning “Come Lord Jesus, Come.” As Christians we never have to deal with such “floods” if you will, in a vacuum, simply with our little minds and paradigms, rather we see it all in the light of Christ the King who will return and bring peace and order. So each year we offer our Advent prayer, “Come Lord Jesus, and assist us, Come Lord Jesus and save us.” Come into our world and establish your reign, the order and peace that only you can give and for which we so long.

Alone we can do nothing, but with you all is possible. With you at our side, we never lose hope or confidence. At times the journey of life is mysterious, beyond comprehension, but we know you will return, and then every knee will bend, and there will be justice, no more fear, no more anxiety, no more anger.

Come Lord Jesus, not just as a little child, as you did 2,000 years ago, with the peace and joy of Christmas, but come into our world to rule. Because as we are often reminded, without you we cannot bring order to creation.

Lord God, this Advent season, we do not lose faith or hope. Rather we again recall how utterly dependence we are upon you O Jesus, your teachings, your seven sacraments and your holy Church. Renew us Lord so we can confidently work to heal our society and make it a fitting image of the world, of the kingdom, that will come.

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