A baby changes everything

By | January 20, 2011

Then, this past December, I heard a new song by Faith Hill. She talks about a teenage girl who becomes pregnant and what she will have to face by caring for a new child and the difficulty that was to come. The husband-to-be was shocked at the news. As the song continues, you realize this teenage girl is our Blessed Mother and the baby is Jesus. The baby she carried not only changed everything in her life, but he continues to change everything in our lives today.

It is true; a tiny baby does change everything. It’s an incredible gift for the woman who wants a baby, but a “burden” for the one that does not. God creates both of these babies, but circumstances define if the baby lives. Young women with little support are targets for a “free and easy” way to eliminate this “new burden.” The pressures are great. And, if you read anything at all about abortion, you know it is not free — it costs a great deal:

• Fifty-three million babies have been killed through abortion in the USA since the 1973 Roe v. Wade Supreme Court decision. Fifty million babies a year are killed in the world. (See www.second lookproject.org under Roe Reality Check.)

• Abortion is legal up to the moment a baby is born. All nine months we can abort a baby (see www.secondlookproject.org under U.S. Law), perfectly healthy and perfectly made by God in his image and likeness (Genesis and the creation, Psalm 139:15, “Catechism of the Catholic Church,” 2258 to 2330; Jer 1:5, “The Gospel of Life” by Pope John Paul II).

• There are about eight types of abortion used, depending on the age of the baby; from saline to partial-birth abortion. What is abortion? What is RU-486? (www.abortionaborted.org/prolife101.)

• There are many side effects as a result of an abortion; from sterility, infertility, addictions to drugs and alcohol, difficulties with relationships and much more. Studies show how women want to numb their feelings and memory of what sorrow has come upon them due to making this “choice.” (See www.hopeafterabortion.com.)

• It’s a baby, not a glob of cells. His or her heart is beating, eyes are blinking and they just need time to grow to become an adult. (See www.secondlook project.org under Fetal Development.)

• No one has a “choice” in taking an innocent life. This rhetoric and marketing were created by founder of Planned Parenthood Margaret Sanger. Read about her background and her writings.

• Planned Parenthood receives over $300 million in our taxpayer dollars every year.

• Pregnancy centers help girls, from the pregnancy test, through prenatal care, with ultrasound checks, maternity clothes and even layettes and diapers and mothering classes when the baby is born — and free adoption services if the mother chooses to share her baby in adoption. (See www.gbdioc.org/respect- life for Emergency Resources.)

• There is hope and healing from the pain of abortion (www.gbdioc.org/respect-life under Healing After Abortion).

If we are to change this culture, we have to change the way we understand abortion and its effects. Abortion is not a right, life is. Abortion is definitely not pro-woman, it is suppressive and deceptive. Women need support and love, not a procedure that injures their life and kills their baby.

Are we our brother’s and sister’s keeper? Yes. So, please check out the truthful facts about abortion, find solid resources. What is abortion exactly? Why does a woman have to experience this before we help her? When we relearn what abortion really is and how detrimental it is to everyone involved, then we can evangelize and truly help women in need. God has perfect plans for the baby who can change everything, we just need to allow him or her to be born.

Pallini is the respect life consultant for the Green Bay Diocese. Visit www.gbdioc.org/respectlife.

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