Diocese responds to article published in local newspapers

By | January 13, 2011

“The Diocese of Green Bay continues to implement a strong, ethical program of financial stewardship, and we have operated with a balanced budget, even during difficult economic times. Our current financial status is stable and we continue to operate our various diocesan offices with a disciplined approach to our annual budget.

“Since 2008 the Diocese of Green Bay has been involved in litigation in Outagamie County, Wisconsin and Clark County, Nevada. During that time, our objective has not wavered: get to the truth of the matter and let the truth prevail. We will continue to fight the allegations of fraud against Bishop Wycislo because the allegations are false. We are confident that the truth will be articulated and the truth will bring justice.

“The suggestion in the articles appearing in the Post-Crescent and Press-Gazette that the Diocese of Green Bay might use a potential bankruptcy filing as a legal tactic to withhold information is pure conjecture by the reporter with no basis in fact. In fact, we have already turned over 2,400 pages of documents, provided hours of deposition time, and also answered the interrogatories requested of us.

“Since these two matters are currently in litigation, it is not advisable to comment further. We trust in the justice system of our courts and trust in God’s providence to send the Holy Spirit to ensure that truth and justice will prevail.”

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