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The Most Rev. David L. Ricken is the 12th bishop of the Diocese of Green Bay.

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More space for Jesus Christ

By | March 31, 2011

The journey of Lent is all about uncluttering our minds, unburdening our hearts and making more space for Jesus Christ. Sometimes we get down on our luck with feelings of resentment or regret and we can begin to think that we are not loved by God, that we are not worthy to be loved by God. God never views us in this way.

By having this conversation with the Samaritan woman Jesus is saying to all of us, no matter what we have done, that he still loves us and wants to set us free so that space can be made in our souls for his presence, like a fountain of living water. So many people today don’t know they are loved by God; yet God loves each one of you and wants to pour out his love and his mercy into your heart. Open yourselves during the season of Lent to once again receive him. Simplify your life so that God can begin to shine forth. Unburden yourself of your sins by going to the sacrament of reconciliation before Easter and return to the regular practice of this sacrament which helps us to stay clean and pure. Attend Sunday Mass with a greater sense of devotion and respect. Pray privately or with your family during the week. Spend some time with the rosary or with the Scriptures for the coming Sunday. Recover a sense of what it means to be in very close relationship with Jesus at all times and in all places.

In this way we create space for Christ. We unclutter our thinking, we unclutter our emotions, and we unclutter our hearts so that we can be aware of his presence among us. He is present in the gift of the celebration of the Eucharist and is reserved in the Blessed Sacrament in our churches all day long. His is also present in the tabernacle of our hearts. He is present as the living fountain of water that resides within us that was given to us at baptism. It can be set free and flow mightily from that space within. As John the Baptist said, “May Christ increase and I decrease.”

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