Church welcomes 280 new members at Easter Vigil

By | April 19, 2011

These newest members, called catechumens and candidates during their preparation, have taken part in the Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults (RCIA). Called the Elect since the first Sunday of Lent, they have been prepared to receive the sacraments of initiation — baptism, confirmation and Eucharist — and become full members of the church.

  • Catechumens are those who will be baptized and also receive the sacraments of confirmation and Eucharist at the Vigil.
  • Candidates are those have already been baptized and who will now make a full profession of faith and receive Confirmation and/or Eucharist in the church at the Vigil.

1116candle-3web-2After the Vigil, the newly initiated — now called neophytes — enter the final stage of the RCIA: mystagogia. (The three previous stages — each of varying length — were inquiry, the catechumenate, and the period of enlightenment and purification.)

Mystagogia is marked by the new experiences of the sacraments and of full participation in the community. Mystagogia comes from a Greek word meaning a time of entering into mystery. It is during this time that the newest members of Christ’s church learn what it means to be disciples.

This RCIA period lasts until Pentecost, but never truly ends. Neophytes join all of us in the ongoing process of growing more deeply in Christ’s life.

Below are catechumens and candidates whose names were submitted by parishes to the diocesan department of Evangelization and Worship. (Some parishes did not submit information by the print deadline.)


SS. Mary and Hyacinth/ St. John

Catechumen: Kimberly Kretz; Candidates: Kim Arrowood, Jody Burt, Stephanie Durante, Vern Horstmuller


Sacred Heart

Catechumen: KaDree Fischer

St. Bernadette

Candidates: Nathan Forst, Rachel Hodgkiss, Shannon Kiesner, Joshua Lehmann, Erin Lindner, Steven Molitor, Sheila Schiesl

St. Joseph

Candidate: Anthony Michalski

St. Mary

Candidates: Mathew Do, Andrew Hicks, Rebecca Johnson

St. Pius X

Catechumens: Brian Bos, Aaron Hunnel, Jasmine Stanley; Candidates: Dane Charles, Tim Clark, Donna Eddy, Jonathan Eddy, Christine Faucett, Josh Guernsey, Lakisha Jackson, Casey Robers, Adam Van Zeeland

St. Therese

Catechumen: June Contreras; Candidates: Tanya Edgerton, Michael Giesen, Cindy Lopez, Daisy Lopez, Kourtney Robles-Stewart, Carl Roenz, Christina Salinas, Areli Sanchez, Jesus Sanchez, Leslie Weinbauer, Jamie Weinbauer

Bay Settlement

Holy Cross

Candidate: Carolyn Freeman


Prince of Peace

Catechumens: Jessica Trudeau, Shannon Umentum, Paige VandenAvond, Sarah VandenAvond

Black Creek

St. Mary

Candidate: Casey Mullen


Holy Family

Candidates: Donald Cardinahl, Amber Fatland, Caroline Glaeser, Ronald Schwanke, Kim Seefeld


St. Joseph

Candidate: Kassie Dufek


Good Shepherd

Candidate: Gina Schmitz

Clintonville/Bear Creek

St. Rose/St. Mary

Catechumen: Chloe Kisinger; Candidates: Sarah Kupsky, Brittany Pairon, Amanda Van Straten, Mary Walby

De Pere

Our Lady of Lourdes

Catechumens: Samantha Hakes, Judy Wegner; Candidates: Robert Campbell, Andrew Destiche, Lucas Hana, Jill LeCapitaine, Harley Quarnstrom, Jennifer Raymaker, Chad Schroeder

St. Mary

Candidate: Tony Smith


St. James, Cooperstown/ All Saints, Denmark/ Holy Trinity, New Denmark/ St. Mary’s, Glenmore and Stark/ St. Joseph, Kellnersville

Catechumens: Ona Inrasavongsa, Kyle Bachman, Madison Buth, Madison Loney; Candidates: Nathan Buth, Bryce Coleman, Eric Sponholtz


St. Louis

Candidate: Adam Pearson


Ss. Edward and Isidore

Catechumens: Amanda Routhieaux, Michael Martin, Corrine Hammer; Candidates: Richard Huhtala, Alison Kessel, Brent Roberts


Immaculate Conception

Candidates: Ben Neuens, Sarah Shedlak, Stephanie Shedlak


St. Nicholas

Candidate: Erin Conrad

Green Bay

Annunciation, St. Joseph, St. Jude and St. Patrick (Quad Parishes)

Candidate: Luis Puente, Tina VandenHeuvel, Shane Willernon, Susan Wirtala

Nativity of Our Lord

Catechumen: Shalynn Webster; Candidates: Ryan Goddard, Ruby Stice, Kelly Summers


Candidates: Jeff Erwin, Susan LaFond, Tracey Lavelle, Zach Milbach, Amy Philipp, Chloe Philipp, Grace Philipp, Lauren Philipp

St. Agnes

Catechumen: Peter Shimek; Candidate: Alan James

St. Bernard

Catechumens: Rose Dick, Laura Mullins, Cheryl Zellner; Candidates: Karen Joski, Kory Krueger, Jonathan Simonsen

St. Elizabeth Ann Seton

Candidate: Al Patz

St. Francis Xavier Cathedral

Catechumen: Joan Worth

St. Matthew

Catechumen: Mark Kirsten; Candidates: Mark Callahan, Etta De Lair

Ss. Peter and Paul

Candidate: John Rasmussen

St. Willebrord

Catechumens: Amanda Leonard, Stacy Newhouse, Heather Roskom; Candidates: Emma Arcos, Jose Cendejas, Ivan Colmenares, Rogelio Contreras, Luzmyrna Cortz, Azucena Delgado, Dilma Flores, Paloma Flores, Erandy Flores, Julio Fuentes, Juan Garza, Francisco Gomez, Luis Gomez, Karina Gomez, Ana Yanet Diaz Gonzalez, Nora Guzman, Jorge Juarez, Brian Lamas, Araceli Martinez, Jose Martinez, Rafael Martinez, Juan Martinez, Nereida Mendoza, Fernando Ponce, Cynthia Ramirez, Maricela Reyes, Ailed Reyes, Luis Garcia Rivas, Mariana Rodriguez, Jessica Rodriguez, Francisco Rodriguez, Eduardo Ruiz, Eddy Sanchez, Alejandra Sanchez, Gerardo Sanchez, Abilgail Solano, Lizbeth Trujillo, Jessica Varelas, Juan Pablo Vazquez, Esmeralda Vera, Deisy Victoria, Madia Victoria


St. Mary of the Immaculate Conception

Candidates: Danielle Bovee, Eric Joneson, Amy Joneson, Christian Robbins


Ss. Peter and Paul

Candidates: Sebastian Pugliese III, Daniel Collar


St. John the Baptist

Catechumen: Josh Weigner; Candidates: Casey Cooney, Todd-Lee Kotanen, Glenda Weigner


St. Thomas the Apostle

Candidate: Katrina Nelson


Holy Cross

Candidates: Allyson Wadel, Drew Wadel


SS. Peter and Paul

Catechumen: Brenda Witters; Candidate: Barry Kraemer


Holy Spirit

Catechumen: Michael Frias; Candidates: Christine Grey, Daniel Grey, Raissa Reimer, Kasey Smith

Little Chute

St. John Nepomucene

Candidates: Mathew Kuhn, Lisa Pingel, Shaena Van Handel, Nathan Van Schyndel, Heather Vosters


St. Francis of Assisi

Catechumens: Tracy Fillback, Greg Place; Candidates: Shawn Grapevine, Malcom Haag, Melissa Mecca, Daniel Peters, Stacy Peterson, Rita Tyeptanar


Holy Family

Catechumens: Sabrina Edwards, Anne Peterson; Candidates: Autumn Casselbury, Elizabeth White, Seth Winters


St. John the Baptist

Catechumen: Jimmy Zelbuski

St. Mary

Candidate: Kathy Brumm

St. Patrick

Candidates: Shirley Kingston, Leticia Mendoza, Nikolaus Werner


St. Gabriel the Archangel

Candidates: Scott Brown, Angela Hewitt, William Pollnow, Jr.

St. Margaret Mary

Candidates: Shannon Alberg, Nancy Brown, John McCrum, David Templeton


St. Anthony

Catechumens: Elexus Hernandez, Mark Oshkeshequoam II, Donald Waukechon, Sam Waukechon, Angel Waupoose; Candidates: Ann Marie Madosh, Debra McPherson, Catherine Oshkosh, Ashley Perez, Natalie Smith, Colleen Waupoose, Joleen Wayka, Curtis Wayka Jr.

New London

Most Precious Blood

Catechumen: Blaire Laughlin; Candidates: Jim Bessette, Lisa Dallman, Chris Gregory


St. Thomas the Apostle

Catechumen: Andrea Romo; Candidate: Corie Hill


St. Anthony

Catechumen: Abby Bagnieschi; Candidate: LeAnn Firkell


Holy Trinity

Catechumen: Savanna Brisson

Oconto Falls

St. Anthony

Candidate: Clarice Peters


St. Mary

Catechumen: Esther Frank; Candidates: Kristin Banta, Nicole Grutza, Randall Grutza, Tierney Grutza, Edward Mason, Mark Preston, Christopher Seaman, Heidi Seaman


Most Blessed Sacrament

Candidates: Sharon Costello, Andrew Force, Jennifer Force, Jeremy Galica, Melissa Pongratz

St. Raphael the Archangel

Catechumens: Nil Bailie, Meghan Dirth, Carrie LaRose, Mason Marley, Daniel Windis; Candidates: Lexie Briskie, Helen Cartwright, Lydia Cartwright, Mitchell Cartwright, Amy Geffers, Ashley Hallett, Mitchell Hayes, Matthew Jameson, Kade Kloberdanz, Lisa Landolt, Melissa Landolt, Vanessa Wallace, David Wentworth, Jean Zelhofer


St. Margaret

Catechumen: Wendy Gregg


St. Paul

Catechumen: Kevin Nigh; Candidates: Norm Rasmussen

Pulaski/ Hofa Park

Assumption BVM/ St. Stanislaus

Catechumen: Alex Thompson; Candidates; Benjamin Andre, Ellen Bozek, Jennifer Piczkowski, Stephanie Reinhard, Dana Schubert, Richard Valley

Suring/ Gillett

St. Michael, St. John

Candidates: Brett Cotrell, Dawn Cotrell, Mark Verhalen

Two Rivers

St. Peter the Fisherman

Candidates: James Kobel, Christopher St. Pierre


St. Joseph

Catechumens: Stephanie Holtz, Dustin Sparks; Candidate: Rachel Azrate


St. Mary

Candidates: Deanna Buech, E

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