Use your gift of courage

By | May 18, 2011

Because of Jesus’ perseverance and perfect example of love and courage, we must realize that through God’s grace, nothing is impossible. Nothing! That means that in Christ, we can accomplish great things by transforming this culture to truly respect human life, from conception to natural death, with full and complete trust in his plan, regardless of our uncertainty. Especially when we have no idea where God is leading us, when we pray and trust, he will take us far beyond our expectations. That is what courage is for.

Last month Yvonne Florczak-Seeman, a keynote speaker and author, presented her testimony of having five abortions by age 20, four of which her mother scheduled. Through a long time of suffering, she now is a powerful pro-life advocate trying to teach others of the sorrow and pain that abortion has brought to her and brings to so many women. Her goal is to share the truth about how abortion hurts women and that they deserve the better choice: life. She also tells of the abundant love and mercy of God and his healing power that overcame her brokenness, and how he is there to heal and comfort others. Courage! (See

I recently attended a pregnancy center’s auction as Jill Stanek, a nurse who worked at Christ Hospital in Illinois told of witnessing “live birth abortions,” where the babies are purposely delivered (usually before the third trimester of pregnancy) which results in their death, since their lungs are not fully mature. The babies were routinely placed in the soiled utility room until they died. God gave her the opportunity to fight against this and testify in Congress, which helped to bring about the Born Alive Infant Protection Act that affirms the right to life for these babies. She continues to travel and speak about the horror of abortion. Courage! (See

In this month of Mary, we have a perfect example of a woman of courage! Just think of all that Mary has gone through! Her faith and courage are empowering examples for us: Believe in the Word of God. Be obedient to the teachings of what God has commanded. Trust in his wisdom. Be open to God’s plans for our life, because no matter how it “feels,” God gives us the perfect mission, regardless of how the circumstances seem to appear at the moment — it is perfect.

God gives us the courage we need to live out our faith and witness to life! Jesus told his disciples, and he tells us, “Take courage … do not be afraid.”

Use your gift of courage and get ready for the possibilities.

Pallini is the respect life consultant for the Green Bay Diocese. Visit

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