Accident claims life of parishioner

By | June 1, 2011

Fr. Tom Farrell, pastor of St. Pius X, was alerted to the accident and rushed to Guidote’s side, along with a parishioner who is a doctor. Fr. Farrell was able to anoint Guidote before she was taken to a local hospital where she later died.

The priest said Guidote was a frequent Mass attendee and had just been at the parish’s eucharistic adoration chapel before the accident.

“People (in the area) knew her as a (WWII) veteran and as a doctor,” Fr. Farrell said. “We knew her for her love of the Eucharist. She came as often as she could and she even kissed my hand, telling me it was because I ‘gave her Jesus.'”

Guidote was born in the Philippines in 1916. She served as a first lieutenant in the Philippine army during World War II and was part of the resistance to the Japanese occupation, serving under the U.S. military’s direction. She later received U.S. veteran status.

Coming to the U.S., she worked as an OB/GYN doctor in St. Paul, Minn., before coming to the Fox Valley after retirement.

Fr. Farrell noted that Guidote was “very pro-life” and “was always talking about the unborn.” He found it ironic that the accident occurred beside the parish’s monument to the unborn. But, upon reflection, he added that he felt the location spoke to Guidote’s life and passion. He said he had been told by other parishioners that Guidote began to pray the rosary “as they tried to pull the car off of her” and before she lost consciousness.

“Her whole life was for children — it’s like God said (to her at the end), ‘here are the babies,'” Fr. Farrell said.

He added that the parish is asking for prayers for all involved.

The Appleton Police Department had not concluded its investigation as of press time. Police Sergeant Pat DeWall said that the condition of the others who were injured in the accident was also not known.

Guidote’s funeral was set for 11:30 a.m. on Thursday, June 2, at St. Pius X. She is survived by a son, Joseph (Lynn) Guidote, two grandchildren, a sister and a brother.

An incident report will be filed with the Green Bay Diocese.

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