Embrace the cross

By | August 24, 2011

Then, there are those moments that we hit a wall and despair and discouragement creep in due to circumstances beyond our reach. In those difficult moments, my favorite way to begin again is to read Heb 12:1-4. I have told people many times about these verses. They kick you in the back end, tell you to look at your blessings and do the job that God has asked of you! It’s a reality check; a reminder of the wonderful power we have, through the Holy Spirit, to complete the mission that is asked of us.

We need to ask more for things that we want. Not material things, but the ability to be filled with the Holy Spirit so that we can become more, understand more and do more. God doesn’t need us to help him to get the work done. He invites us because he loves us. No matter where you are reading this be assured that God is right there with you and our Blessed Mother is praying on your behalf.

With that being said, regardless of the events that occur in each of our busy lives, we are called first to holiness. God asks for our hearts. He wants it all so that he can give it back to us, to give to others. We are here to change the world, to defend truth, protect and celebrate life, from conception to natural death. We are here to pray, fast and support all of humanity. We are here to combat evil and stand up for justice, to wake up the sleeping; all through the power of Jesus Christ and his cross. When God asks us to be vigilant and defend truth, even if it is difficult to do so or if we don’t completely understand, say “yes.” God gives each of us a cross that is a perfect gift. Take it, offer it up and embrace it! When we embrace the cross, we win.

We are in extraordinary times. The good is great, but the evil is strong. We need to realize the infinite love God has for us in his church. His grace and power will strengthen us to persevere, to help others to understand that our life, and all life, is his gift and worth the cross asked of us to defend it.

Pallini is the respect life consultant for the Green Bay Diocese. Visit www.gbdioc.org/respectlife.

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