The deception of contraception

By | September 21, 2011

• There is an increase (about 400 percent) of women under 40 getting breast cancer, with no family history.

• “The pill” is classified as a group 1 carcinogen “cancer causing agent” by the World Health Organization. Group 1 also includes arsenic and formaldehyde.

• People as young as 15 can get free contraception without parental notification.

• Some types of “the pill” cause a chemical abortion about 25 percent of the time because they create a hostile environment in the womb, in which the embryo cannot implant, thus causing the tiny human life to die and be discarded.

• Some people ignore or want to deny scientific and medical data, but when looking at ethical, well-researched studies, many times over they prove the link to breast cancer.

• Using contraception increases the risk of getting STDs.

• Greater access to contraception increases abortions.

Excellent science cannot be denied. Dr. Angela Lanfranchi, a breast cancer surgeon, and Mercedes Wilson, both international experts in the field of cancer-causing links of contraception, are coming Saturday morning, Sept. 24, to share the scientific data and information with us. You are invited to attend so that we can help our sisters, daughters and friends to get the truth! Even if you disagree, I hope you attend to find out more about the secret life of “the pill” that is detrimental to our health. Bishop David L. Ricken will lead us in this day of hope and truth.

Also, I ask for your urgent action. An alert has been issued to contact Health and Human Services to voice our strong opposition to a new mandate that requires private health plans to provide surgical sterilizations and contraceptives, access to a chlamydia test. It is a huge step in diminishing our religious freedoms. If this is allowed, what will the next mandate be? The deadline for voicing your opposition is Sept. 30, so please, contact them today. (The diocesan website,, has full details and links.)

Remember: Respect Life Sunday is Oct. 2.

Pallini is the respect life consultant for the Green Bay Diocese.

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