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By | September 7, 2011

Their involvement at Resurrection includes volunteering with the parish’s Helping Hands program, which brings meals to shut-ins or helps out with taking people to doctor appointments. During the warm months of the year, the Frys can be found cutting grass or keeping up the gardens on the church grounds.


Bob and Kris Fry (Sam Lucero | The Compass)

Once the calendar turns to December, Kris coordinates Resurrection’s annual giving tree. She has co-chaired the Tree of Giving for a number of years now.

“I contact the agencies in the Green Bay area and see what the needs for their people are and then we put ornaments on the tree at church. The parish responds with great generosity by picking up those items,” Kris told The Compass.

She added that the Tree of Giving includes a number of gifts that go to a small struggling Catholic community in Okolona, Miss. That parish, St. Theresa Chapel, was adopted by Resurrection over a decade ago. The relationship between the two parishes has members from Resurrection going down at various times throughout the year to help where they can at the rural mission. The Frys have traveled to Mississippi each February for the last several years.

“The Catholic community down there does some great work,” said Bob. “We tutor in their day school, work on building ramps for handicapped people (and) work at the clothing store.”

Your Catholic Neighbor

Name: Bob and Kris Fry

Parish: Resurrection, Allouez

Age: Bob, 62; Kris, 61

Favorite saint: Bob, Francis of Assisi; Kris, Blessed Mother Teresa

Words to live by: “Lord make me an instrument of your peace. …” — St. Francis of Assisi

Kris noted that the church experience there is quite different than what they are used to at Resurrection. “We went to an Ash Wednesday service while we were there and there were probably 10 people at church.”

When the Frys are not busy helping out at their parish, they are volunteering their time and their talents through a number of Green Bay organizations. Kris has been a long-time tutor and teacher through Literacy Green Bay. In fact, she was in Milwaukee recently with one of her students, a mother from Mexico, who received her United States citizenship. Meanwhile, Bob helps out as a volunteer driver for the American Red Cross.

“Now that we are retired, we find involvement easier as we have more time,” said Kris. “Although the time we have still requires attention for balance in our lives. As Bob is fond of saying, we need to be happy, healthy and holy.”

Another motto the couple, who have four grown children and four grandchildren, have adopted is that when it comes to spreading the good news of their Catholic faith, it is best to share the Gospel and if necessary use words.

“We feel that we are evangelizing by our actions. While there have been times when religion or church has come up with someone we are serving and we have been able to share our beliefs, we think that actions speak louder than words,” said Kris.

When the Frys question or doubt why they do what they do, Kris says that she and Bob know the answer.

“When we need motivation, we recall all our blessings and in gratitude we know that we can give back to God in thankfulness,” she said.

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