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By | January 4, 2012

That wasn’t always the case. The native of Guadalajara, Mexico, said that while she was growing up, her Catholic faith was more of a cultural practice than an expression that came from her heart. That all changed for Vazquez when she arrived in northeastern Wisconsin in October of 1998.


Alma Vazquez (Eddie O’Neill | For The Compass)

“My faith has grown immensely since arriving here in Green Bay and at St. Willebrord’s,” she told The Compass. “Here I started to know and understand the faith. I started to read the Bible and form community with like-minded parishioners. This parish is a great place to put charity and compassion into action. It is a place where one’s faith can come alive.”

For over 10 years now, Vazquez has served as the coordinator for her parish’s religious education program. She remembers well when she first started out as a volunteer instructor soon after her arrival in the area.

“That first Easter in 1999, we might have had 10 children receive their first Communion,” she recalled. “This coming spring we will have well over 100 kids receiving the sacraments.”

In 2000, she became a secretary at St. Willebrord. However, with more than 62 catechists and classes several nights a week, Vazquez’s main focus these days is leading the religious education program. In an effort to be a better member of the parish’s pastoral team, she has been enrolled in the Green Bay Diocese’s Discipulos de Cristo program. In May, she will finish the three-year program in Spanish, which is designed for those working in church ministry.

Your Catholic Neighbor

Name: Alma Vazquez

Parish: St. Willebrord, Green Bay

Age: 47

Favorite saint: Our Lady of Guadalupe

Words to live by: “Never see the past, think good things.”

“I am always trying to learn more,” noted Vazquez, about her enrollment in the formation program. “I also like to study and the whole program has been quite a humbling experience for me. Here, I thought I knew a lot about the church and how she worked, but I have learned a lot.”

She hopes that the knowledge she has acquired through Discipulos de Cristo will help her to better prepare all those involved in her religious education program.

Vazquez and her husband of 13 years, Carlos, have a 5-year-old daughter, Carolina. Their relationship is a real blessing, she said. “I have been teaching her these days on how to talk to God and not just rattle off her prayers.”

Whether she is welcoming a newly arrived immigrant family to the parish or helping her daughter get off to school, Vazquez said she hopes she does it all with love and dedication. In the end, she explains that her key in finding balance between her home life and the busyness of the parish life is staying organized.

“I have to organize my activities as a wife and mother as such that I do not neglect my duties in the home and at the same time carry out my work with enthusiasm and dedication,” added Vazquez.

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