Did they even notice?

By | January 24, 2012

Last weekend, my pastor spoke about the March for Life in his homily. And he noted that the event would probably not receive much coverage in the national secular media — as is usual, he added.

That’s true. The secular media notoriously avoids mentioning the event – despite the fact that tens of thousands of marchers attend each year, requiring closure of numerous streets and major rerouting of traffic. This has been the case since the March for Life started in 1974.

Still we can always use a few notes of encouragement. And I found at least three.

As I was driving home on Jan. 23, I heard ABC News report the march. Here is the link .

Likewise, large secular papers such as the Boston Globe (which is similar, if the base for the ABC link) and the Washington Post ran sizable stories. The Post’s story even interviewed young people attending the march!

True, CBS, NBC and CNN largely ignored the March. But it’s important to know that some news outlets did notice.


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