HHS concerns expressed

By Patricia Kasten | October 16, 2012

As we near the elections, Wisconsin Right to Life wants people to be aware of what current issues will mean to their futures. This includes stem cell research, abortion funding, the upcoming 40th anniversary of the Roe v. Wade Supreme Court decision that legalized abortion on demand, religious freedom and health care.  I sat down today with Barbara Lyons, executive director of WRTL, to discuss these issues.

“The future us fraught with potentially disastrous consequences,” Lyons said, “but it is also filled with hope.  For example, this (HHS mandate) threat to the church and the country, it has already resulted in bringing lots of religions together.  My favorite quote is ‘We’re all Catholic now.’” (Variously attributed to Glen Beck, Mike Huckabee and Mitt Romney.)

While Lyons and WRTL are concerned with many issues, she is most concerned with the HHS mandate, which orders employers to include contraceptive coverage in their health insurance plans at no extra cost to employees. She said “people need to understand the consequences. If this mandate survives it means that Catholic institutions will have to either serve only Catholics; hire only Catholics and turn everybody else away; it means they can defy the administration and face enormous penalties … or they can close their doors.”

Lyons had just come from filming parts of a new television commercial from WRTL that addresses just this issue. The ad will appear soon in the NE Wisconsin market.

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