Find your way to that burning bush

By | February 28, 2013

When was the last time you saw a burning bush that was not being consumed? Never? Well, Moses must have felt the same way. He was so awed that he lost all sense of his surroundings — God had to remind him to remove his shoes for he was on holy ground. Only then did he hide his face at the recognition of God’s presence.

Every time we enter God’s house we are on holy ground. When was the last time you were so awed by God’s presence that you took off your shoes, hid your face, or removed your hat for that matter?

Now imagine your wanting to relate to others your experience from  that holy ground. You might feel like Moses felt. Here he was, surrounded by a God who loves unconditionally, but yet he still had to ask the question: “Who shall I say you are when I go to the Israelites?” You see, he knew that the Israelites may not believe him.
Would we be like the Israelites causing Moses to be so unsure of our response that he had to have proof of the veracity of God’s presence?

Lent is the season to look deep down inside ourselves to recognize our unworthiness before God; to find our way to that burning bush.

As I reflect on my Lenten resolutions, you know those little promises that we all make, I find that I have to constantly remind myself that my minor inconveniences are nothing compared to what Jesus suffered for me on the cross. I just have to look at the starkness of the décor in church — the dry branches, the purple draping, and the lack of sumptuous flower arrangements — to get myself back on track.  

Do you remember what God answered to Moses when he asked what he was to say? God, said, I am who am. Tell the Israelites: I AM sent me to you.” As the great I AM, God is constant; not like my resolutions of I Will or I’ll Get to It. But I won’t let that deter me. I will strive to get that I Did It and come to know better that great I AM.

Here’s hoping we can all can experience that burning bush and meet the great I AM at the end of our Lenten journey.

Wettstein is director of music and liturgy at Good Shepherd Parish, Chilton.

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