Nearly 300 catechumens, candidates set to enter church

By | March 27, 2013

1316Easter_Vigil.jpgweb2These newest members, called catechumens and candidates during their preparation time, have taken part in the Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults (RCIA). On the first Sunday of Lent, they were enrolled in the Book of the Elect at their parishes. They were presented to Bishop David Ricken at a special Mass later in the day.

• Catechumens are those who will be baptized and also receive the sacraments of confirmation and Eucharist at the vigil.

• Candidates are those who have already been baptized, whether in the Catholic Church or in another Christian denomination. They will make a full profession of faith and receive confirmation and/or Eucharist in the church at the vigil.

After the vigil, the newly initiated — who will then be called neophytes — enter the final stage of the RCIA process: mystagogia.

Mystagogia is marked by the new experiences of sharing in the sacraments and in full participation in the community. Mystagogia comes from a Greek word meaning a time of entering into mystery. It is during this time that the newest members of Christ’s church learn what it means to be disciples.

This period lasts until Pentecost — May 19 this year — but it never truly ends.

Below are the catechumens and candidates whose names were submitted by parishes to the diocesan Department of Worship and Living Justice. (Some parishes did not submit information by the print deadline.)


St. Joseph: Catechumen: Matthew Katz; Candidates: Jenna Bergmann, Autumn Kilker, Ron Roberts Jr., Christian Stillings

St. Bernadette: Catechumen: Ashley Sipple; Candidates: Mari Beck, Bobbi Cardew, Travis Sipple, Travis Ververon

St. Mary: Catechumens: Jonny Boettcher, Karen Giddings; Candidates: Andrew Avergonzado, Jonathon Hoetschl, Carolyn Jones

St. Pius X: Catechumen: Michele Loesche; Candidates: Brett Belau, Ashley Binder, Francis Binder, Randall Borree, Aaron Buxton, Dave Ferris, Bill Read, Heather Schmitz, Bobby Yun, Justine Yun

St. Therese: Candidates: Ernesto Colin, Janet Engichy, Murila Engichy, Kenneth Masasy, Gloria Medina, Lisa Sino, Jackson Soichy.

St. Thomas More: Catechumen: Yi Qiao Xin; Candidates: Kari Colombo, Debbie Phee, Angela Rust, Kevin Rust, Tracy Schwartz

Sacred Heart: Candidates: Magdalena Bartel, Daniel Schuman


Holy Family: Candidate: Bradley Lucia


Good Shepherd: Candidates: Jenny Bonlander, Keith Oakley


St. Martin of Tours: Candidate: Julie Galleske

De Pere

Our Lady of Lourdes: Candidates: Jennifer Healy, Mc-Kenzie Healy, Andrew Nackers, Dean Peters, Paul Zylich

St. Mary and St. Francis: Candidates: Angie Esquivel, Raven Nooyen, Michael Nooyen, Michael Piehl


St. Mary, Glenmore: Candidate: Patrick Phillips

All Saints, Denmark: Candidate: Tasha Schleis

Holy Trinity, New Denmark: Candidate: Jacob Nelson


St. Louis: Candidate: Mike McCarty


Immaculate Conception: Catechumen: Bailey Wilcox; Candidates: Melody Vaccaro, Katie Vaccaro, Ronald Van Wychen


SS. Edward and Isidore: Candidates: Lisa Athey, Angela Lasecki, Tammy Melbauer, Cheryl Ruechel


St. Nicholas: Catechumen: Tara Bowers; Candidate: Wendy Glovka


St. John: Candidate: Josh McCarthy

Green Bay

Nativity of Our Lord: Catechumens: Jordan Thomas, Dominic Gemignani, Jr., Trevor Snyder; Candidates: Alaina Shimon, Lisa Szcepanski

Prince of Peace: Catechumen: Michael Fick; Candidate: Matthew Harrison

Resurrection: Candidates: Gail King, Annika Olson, Bergin Olson, Tina Olson, Carol Ann Wagner

St. Agnes: Candidates: Jean Braden, Dana Jermstad, Patrick Kohls, Brad Larson, Kelly Taff, Rachel Reinheimer

St. Bernard: Candidates: Mandy Froelich, Natalie Houston, Danielle Plennes, Jacob Plennes, Kevin Tucker

SS. Peter and Paul: Candidates: Nicholas Douglas, Britta Haats

St. Elizabeth Ann Seton: Catechumen: Ken Ellis; Candidates: Heather Diederich, Shawn Diederich, Shelly Kamm, Abigail Johnson, Jamie Schad

St. Francis Xavier Cathedral: Catechumens: Madeline Reed, Mow Zehms; Candidates: Michelle Abud, Eric Rand, Devin Zehms

St. Matthew: Candidates: Julianna Basham, Brandon Blake, Craig Darling, Megan Darling

St. Willebrord: Catechumens: Randy Barrientos, Christina Mojica, Génesis Uribe, Michelle Uribe, Daniela Velázquez; Candidates: Vanessa Álvarez, Javier Álvarez, Ángel Antonio, Dania Cabrera, Guadalupe Castorena, Melissa Corpus, Irene De la Cruz, Mercedes Díaz, Soledad Díaz, Teresa Dorado, Guadalupe Dorado, José Flores, Carlos Flores, Héctor González, Edgar Guzmán, Patricia Hernandez, Adán Martínez, Olga Mendoza, Ariana Montoya, Christian Noria, Efraín Olivo, Ricardo Portillo, Erik Quirino, Emanuel Ramos, Mario Rivera, Daniel Robles, Juan Robles, Cynthia Rodríguez, Damián Rodríguez, Ruby Romero, Omar Ruvalcaba, Cassandra Saldaña, Mireya Santiago, Lladira Sidón, Laura Varela, Arturo Velázquez

Annunciation of the Blessed Virgin Mary: Catechumens: Jennyjean Angus, Katie Apfel, Julie Baker, Sarah Baker, Chong Thao, Mai Xiong, Chong Moua Yang; Candidates: Jennifer Bauer, Mao Her, John Johnson, Ge Xiong

Greenleaf/ Askeaton/ Wrightstown

St. Clare: Candidates: Leslie Durocher, Heidi Van De Hey


St. Mary: Catechumens: Kelly Kearn, Keith Rager; Candidates: Benjamin Jasperson, Samuel Lecker, Gary Smiley


SS. Peter and Paul: Catechumen: Mona Wheeler; Candidates: Matthew Hipp, Claudia Maass, Devin O’ Brien, Matthew Thorp, Timothy Van Voorhis


St. John the Baptist: Candidates: Elton Cole, Cristy Lohmeier, Charlie Welch


Holy Cross: Candidate: Jaqueline Caviani


SS. Peter and Paul: Candidate: Brenda Frank

Kimberly/ Darboy

Holy Spirit: Catechumen: Ger Moua; Candidates: Amber Bekx, Corey Burklund, Travis Demlar, Brett Lamers, Molly Mooren, Jenni Nabbefeld

Little Chute

St. John Nepomucene: Catechumen: Bryan Arnold; Candidates: Josh DeWitt, Zach Friebel, Deena Hietpas, Melissa Hietpas, Angela Wells, Matt Wells, Ryan Williams


St. Edward: Candidates: Todd Klitzke, Eric Peik


St. Francis of Assisi: Candidates: David Bartz, Sheila Ann Nechodomu, Kelly Thomas Reif, Bonnie Steube


Holy Family: Catechumens: Jennifer Christopherson, Angela Willie; Candidates: Lynn Hass, Sydney Wortner


St. Patrick: Catechumen: Joanna Camargo; Candidates: Kalyn Coulthurst, John Fenske, James Hedman

St. Mary/ St. John: Catechumen: Christopher De Jesus; Candidates: James Greunke, Mark Rolph, Doug Siebers


St. Gabriel the Archangel: Candidates: Shelly Igl, Stephanie Monroe

St. Margaret Mary: Candidates: Michelle Barr, Amanda Kurszewski, Amy Ostrenga, Scott Roekle

New Holstein

Holy Rosary: Candidates: Brenda Frank, Roger Philippi

New London

Most Precious Blood: Catechumen: Kurt Arndt; Candidates: Chad Otto, Bandie Schuelke, Samuel Van Dinter


St. Thomas the Apostle: Catechumens: Alex Ponciano, Melvin Ramirez; Candidates: Jamie Aulik, Sara Aulik, Juan Carlos Rivera, Monica Rivera, Deina Hernandez, Faustino Gatica


St. Anthony: Catechumens: Karlee Aho, Kelsey Aho, Shelia Carollo, Zoe Carollo, Alexis Chartier, Trenton Chartier; Candidate: Miranda Westrich


St. Maximilian Kolbe: Catechumen: Amanda Kruse

Oconto/ Oconto Falls/ Stiles

Holy Trinity/ St. Anthony/ St. Patrick: Catechumens: Lori Barningham, Bryce Peterson, Kenton Peterson; Candidate: Katie Jagiello


Most Blessed Sacrament: Catechumens: Gayl Draves, Hailey Marks, Jeff Watson; Candidates: Steve Wolf, Judy Wolf, Kaetlyn Wolf

St. Raphael the Archangel: Catechumens: Brooke Brefczinski, Hayden Elwood, Meredith Elwood, Wendy Elwood, Jennifer Lau; Candidates: Jamie Farber, Brittany Fontana, Darryl Hielke, Jessica Hine, Mya Jamrock, Lesly Luguin, Lindsey Morris, Adam Nelson, Jacob Nelson, Catherine Olson, Nicole Reetz, Dan Ross

St. Jude the Apostle: Catechumen: Chen Chen Rudd; Candidates: Pam Baier, Kevin Beulen, Sam Kern, Tom Krueger, Mike Louison, James Porter


St. Mary: Candidate: Kevin Roeder


St. Joseph/ Holy Family: Candidate: Michael Parizek


Sacred Heart: Catechumen: Philip Scheviak; Candidates: Julie Bessette, Craig Bucholz

Sturgeon Bay

St. Joseph: Candidate: Jeremy Walls

Two Rivers

St. Peter the Fisherman: Catechumen: Sherry Bishop; Candidates: Sara Mott, Lisa Mott, Walter Panosh


St. Mary Magdalene: Candidates: Kay Kraeger, Max Long


St. Mary: Catechumen: Ty Walker; Candidates: Ryan Boehm, Andrew Clark, Dane Clark, Melisa Walker

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