Roles of Father, Son and Holy Spirit in 2013 jubilarians’ lives

By | May 5, 2013

I had a moving experience during a retreat in which I felt the working of the Spirit deep within my heart and soul. This experience has stayed with me and has led me to be very much aware of the Spirit’s guidance and gifts throughout my life.  — Sr. Catherine Glim, 75 years

“In Him I live, in Him I move and have my being in Him the Christ, in Him the King. Jesus the Lord.” ‘Tis the song in my heart! And my enthusiasm. — Sr. Jeanne Jarvis, 75 years

Four situations in carrying out my ministry were extremely challenging. The Son’s enlightenment inspired me and gave the courage to carry out the inspiration. — Sr. Carlotta Ullmer, 75 years

From the age of three or four, I have felt the call to religious life. After finishing high school, I entered the community and have never regretted following in the footprints of Jesus as a Franciscan! I cannot separate — but see only — all love as source and culmination of all life! — Sr. Lorraine Aspenleiter, 70 years

As one grows older, one experiences the loving care of our Father in Heaven through those around you. — Sr. Virginia Churas, 70 years

Loved by the Father — For if I didn’t have Him in my Religious beginnings I wouldn’t have made it this far. I indeed have much to be thankful for. — Sr. Mary Constance West, 70 years

The Spirit of the Lord is upon me — we hear it spoken and experienced in Scripture by Jesus, Mary, Elizabeth, Zechariah, by many prophets and friends of God. I believe the Spirit’s power is still manifested in the wondrous and varied ways we are brought to places beyond our imagining. In my youth, I desired to be a Benedictine sister, in discerning I became Dominican. In hoping to be a math teacher, I was drawn by obedience in to music and liturgy. In the call to be Dominican; to praise and bless, to preach and teach, to contemplate and share the fruit of contemplation, I rejoice and am exultantly grateful. For the inspired gifts of wisdom, understanding, courage, prayer, reverence and perseverance of Family, Sisters and Friends, thank you, Holy Spirit!

In the words of a poet: I stood (stand) barefoot on the ground of my life history, burning through and through with that mystery. (Irene Zimmerman) — Sr. Jo Ann Dold, 60 years

As novices our group chose to honor the Blessed Trinity as our special devotion with prayer and song. God — all Three Persons — has always been for me a “surrounding presence,” always there in every event, in joys and sorrows, all of life’s daily experiences. This awareness of God has always been the essence of my spirituality as I honor all Three Persons of the Trinity. — Sr. Janice Funk, 60 years

Enlightened by the Son: I have always felt very close to Jesus all my life even as a small child. As I grew older Jesus became my sight, guide, spouse and protector. — Sr. Catherine Holker, 60 years

In grade school, I felt inspired by the Spirit when I had a very strong urge that the Lord had a place for me, drawing me to the convent, to religious life. The Spirit helped especially when I struggled against temptation to not want to miss what was “out there,” especially during high school. My mother, a very holy woman, encouraged me by just being there for me and listening to me. She rejoiced in my final decision with her face aglow and her countenance told me: “You will be a beautiful sister.”  — Sr. Audrey Kolosso, 60 years

As I look back over the past 60 years which include 53 years of teaching day school and even more years teaching religious education classes, plus a variety of summer jobs and much volunteer work, I know I could never have done all that on my own. I certainly felt loved and strengthened by God as I have been since the day I was born. And I was definitely inspired by the Spirit especially at times when I wasn’t sure what needed to be done or the best way to accomplish the task. — Sr. Marie Goretti Marcelle, 60 years

I have experienced love from the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit in ways too numerous to express. It has come in various ways: ministry opportunity; community life and sharing; friends and those who challenged me; means of grace and creative growth. — Sr. Annice McClure, 60 years

Loved by the Father — I experienced this dramatically at the beginning of my teaching experience. The arrangement was beyond me. The Lord heard my cry and rescued me. My assignment was changed! Praised be God. — Sr. Pavel Morin, 60 years

Enlightened by the Son has been ongoing. Learning (the celebration of) the mass, studying the Scriptures, learning the meaning of the sacramentals, all have been a joy. What time I’ve spent in the presence of the Blessed Sacrament has granted me many graces. — Sr. Jean Phillipson, 60 years

As with the soup and sandwich Campbells Soup commercial, “You can’t have one without the other,” even more so, the Father, Son and Spirit cannot separated. I depend on the Father’s love and mercy, the Son’s example to live by, and the Holy Spirit for assistance and guidance in following the Son’s example in loving and showing mercy as the Father does to me. — Sr. Georgiana Rank, 60 years

For many years I have prayed to the Holy Spirit on a daily basis for inspiration regarding various needs. I soon learned how important it is to practice perseverance regularly in waiting for an answer to my prayers. — Sr. Alanna Ring, 60 years

As a woman religious, I cannot separate these three ideas in my life. I was called by the Father to follow his Son and am sustained by the Spirit as I continue to follow in the footsteps of Jesus. Each step of the way from entrance into the convent, Aug. 23, 1951 to now celebrating 60 years of vowed life was/is filled with gratitude for God’s gift of perseverance. God loves me! What more could I wish for! — Sr. Florita Schneider, 60 years

Where have all these years gone? They have been filled with teaching, sharing, travelling, planning, promoting, and still more teaching. They have been filled with many and diverse people, students who were parents, infants, students in early childhood, elementary grades thru college and many adults in graduate schools. I praise and thank God who has kept me healthy, deepened my faith and traveled with me through the years. Without faith and abiding consolation that God is working in me, life would be less secure, less enriching and far less demanding! “We can do all things in Him who strengthens me”. I know I am loved by the Father, enlightened by the Son, and inspired by the Spirit — it is with that faith that I am grateful for all the people, places and experiences that have been part of my life. It was the Spirit who called forth in me the daily courage and fortitude to attempt to fulfill His will for me each day of each year. — Sr. Lorna Zemke, 60 years

A loving God, so rich in kindness, has gifted me with a religious Franciscan vocation and dental education. Serving as a dentist for the nuns and homeless has been a challenge to make my life a joyful gift to others through the work of my hands, with a loving heart and gratitude for God’s blessings. — Sr. Jessica Zwarra, 60 years

My aunt, (Agnesian) Sr. Helen was a big part of my motivation, inspiration,” Jesus in skin” as I was discerning my vocation more than 50 years ago. So often in my life the Son and Holy Spirit have been there along with family, friends and community enabling me to live through the paschal mystery that is a part of our day to day living. The mutuality that has been a part of my teaching and pastoral ministry has deepened my awareness of the presence of Jesus and the Spirit in the people I meet or work with.

It is the Lord’s work and I have been chose to minister with God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit with hope and gratitude. — Sr. Mary Ellen Doherty, 50 years

My experience in life as a religious woman has been that the more I am aware of the Spirit’s working in me, I am united closer to God and my community. — Sr. Delia Gaber, 50 years

Loved, enlightened, and inspired by a personal God ever present in my life is definitely my “daily bread,” especially in Word and Eucharist. So God as Son enlightens my living as a Religious Woman and mediates the love of the Father and the inspiration of the Spirit. — Sr. Nancy Kinate, 50 years

Jesus asked his Father: “Keep them in your name. Protect them. Consecrate them.” I learned from Jesus that God holds me securely to himself. He has shielded me from things that threatened the good work he has begun in me. My life is set apart by God and dedicated for something that only I can accomplish. — Sr. Lauretta Rose Koscielniak, 50 years

“Inspired by the Spirit” I have experienced the guidance and movement of the Spirit throughout my religious life. One of the times it was very evident was during my service as Directress of our novices as I journeyed with them in this initial stage of formation. — Sr. Patricia Linssen, 50 years

Makenna,” a second grader felt very sad when her aunt died. I went to the wake and Makenna came running to my outstretched arms, hugged me and sobbed. Inspired by the Spirit, I found words to comfort her. Then hand-in-hand we walked to the casket, knelt down, and prayed. With a loud clear voice she made the sign of the cross and we prayed the Hail Mary. I was deeply touched by her love and sincerity. Others were too, as it became more quiet in the funeral home. — Sr. Jane Marie Loderbauer, 50 years

The Blessed Trinity, Father, Son and Holy Spirit are all very important in my life as a religious woman; Loved by the Father; Enlightened by the Son; inspired by the Holy Spirit. I belong to the “best community in the world” as a Franciscan Sister of Christian Charity! Still deeply miss my beloved twin sister, Sr. Mary Carla, who died from brain cancer on Dec. 27, 2009. Knowing that she’s happy in heaven with the Blessed Trinity and Holy Family gives me great comfort!!! I’m looking forward to the day or night when it’s “my” time to die and go to my Heavenly home and be with our Blessed Trinity, Holy Family and Sr. Mary Carla. Plus all the angels, saints and everyone in heaven forever!!!! — Sr. Mary Lou Loonsfoot, 50 years

Our God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit, has faithfully provided many opportunities and graces for me to minister wherever needed. For these many years I am grateful – especially for God’s people who assist with His work. Thank you! — Sr. Michael Ann O’Donnell, 50 years

“Enlightened by the Son” All I need to know I learned from Jesus. A partial list: Be extravagant when you give. Pray even when you’re busy. Welcome the children. Don’t worry about tomorrow. Be a good neighbor. You’re not too good to wash feet. If you fall, get up and keep going. Forgive and you’ll be forgiven. Leave judging to God. Above all, love! Love God, your neighbor and yourself. — Sr. Sandra Peterson, 50 years

The phrase “Loved by the Father” describes my life. Being loved by the Father is an awesome, inexpressible gift given to me to open anew at the dawning of each day. It is a gift that gives itself in the Eucharist every morning, a gift that gives all day long and through the night. How blessed I am to have received such a gift. — Sr. Janet Rose, 50 years

A very specific situation where I absolutely felt inspired by the Spirit was when I was diagnosed with breast cancer while I was caring for my mother. I didn’t know how I was going to break the news to her. I prayed that I could do it gently. When the time came to tell her, the right words came out of my mouth without every going through my mind first. It shocked me, and all I could say over and over in my heart was, “Thank you, Lord. Thank you.” — Sr. Anne Marie Selinsky, 50 years


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