When necessary, improvise!

By Sam Lucero | The Compass | August 29, 2013

What do you do when you’re not quite prepared for an assignment? You improvise! That’s what I did on Aug. 28 when the diocesan staff gathered at St. Joseph Chapel for noon Mass to celebrate Bishop David Ricken’s fifth anniversary as bishop of Green Bay.

(Photo by Clare Sturm)
(Photo by Clare Sturm)

I didn’t bring my Nikon camera to work that day, but I did have my trusty iPhone. I wasn’t sure we would use a photo in the next Compass print edition, since the next issue won’t be  published until Sept. 13.

Photo by Clare Sturm
Photo by Clare Sturm

However, as I entered the chapel, I thought we could have used a photo for our website or one of our social media sites.

No worries, I thought.

I’ve used my iPhone on many occasions for taking Compass photos. I decided the best time would be after Mass, as Bishop Ricken greeted well-wishers. First, I knew the bishop would be shaking hands and flashing his friendly smile, which would make for a better photo than standing behind the lectern or sitting at his chair.

In addition, the iPhones don’t do well in low-light conditions so an outdoor photo would be the way to go, I surmised.

(Photo by Sam Lucero)
(Photo by Sam Lucero)

As I was aiming my iPhone at Bishop Ricken, fellow shutter bug and diocesan employee, Clare Sturm, worship and sacraments coordinator, stood behind me taking photos.

Clare is truly the resident photographer on the diocesan campus. We bump elbows many times taking pictures at ordinations and other events.

Clare shared some photos with the staff, including the two above, of me and my iPhone. Just to prove that the iPhone does take good photos, have a look here at right.

I posted this photo to our Tumblr photo blog, which is a new addition to our social media sites. Thanks to Clare for sharing her photos with me.







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