Don’t lower your standards on social media

By Sam Lucero | The Compass | October 4, 2013

I “unfriended” three people today on Facebook. I did so because of a photograph they posted or shared that is disturbing in two ways. First, it’s graphic, showing someone “mooning” an image of President Barak Obama on a television screen. Second, it’s demoralizing and immature. How can adults, regardless of their political affiliation, repost to a public website seen by friends and family members an obscene photo? (Of course, the deeper question: Why would anyone pose for such a photo and post it online?) It just goes to show how our mores have taken a big hit in today’s society.Facebook-Logo

As I scrolled through my Facebook newsfeed and caught a glimpse of the image, I wondered, “What would your parents or kids think about you posting this?” (The posters were adults, one in her late-20s and the other two in their mid-50s.) I get it that people disagree with government policies and political leaders. But what ever happened to civility?

If people have gripes about the new Affordable Health Care Act, the government shutdown or any other issue, why not use words to express your frustration rather than lewd and offensive pictures? If you have trouble articulating your frustrations, share a link from a writer more gifted than yourself who is able to communicate your thoughts.

Let’s not contribute to the downward spiral of our culture by posting offensive or immoral images; let’s not encourage others to post these images by “liking” “sharing” or “retweeting” the posts. Instead, leave a comment expressing your disapproval and if that doesn’t help, simply do what I did. Remove the person from your social media family.

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