Kids’ Page October 2013

My dear brothers and sisters,
We have been working for months on continuing to live the mission of the apostles, the original men that Jesus chose to spread the Good News. Each of us is called today to spread Jesus’ message. As we prepare for the feast of All Saints Day, perhaps there is someone among us who will be called to make such a difference that they are one day a saint.

So what makes someone worthy of being a saint? A saint is someone just like you and me; the difference is that God gives this person special graces for him or her to do special things. Saints work “miracles” which can’t always be explained. Pope Francis is going to make two former popes saints in the months to come, and it is because they were true believers who made real sacrifi ces for God.

Today we are celebrating the feast of St. Francis of Assisi. His story is probably one you know well. St. Francis came from a wealthy family. He spent his early years with family and friends enjoying all that he had. After a long illness, during which time he began to pray frequently, he decided to turn his back on his wealth and follow a more simple life that gave praise to God and his creation.

We know St. Francis for being a lover of all animals and for his love of humanity. What a special man for us to admire and strive to be like. Even Pope Francis thought so. He shared that he chose his name because “Francis was a man of peace, a man of poverty, a man who loved and protected creation.”

The calendar below shows all the feast days for the month of October. Look it over and try researching one of the saints you may not know. By doing this, it will help you understand what graces they were given that made them able to do special things. Happy fall to you and your family!