Kids’ Page November 2013

Dear brothers and sisters,

Can you believe it is the beginning of November? Where has 2013 gone? Life moves so fast and we are all so busy with our family life that we often don’t take time to say thank you to others. In the weeks leading up to Thanksgiving, I invite you to join with me in the practice of gratitude.

One person we can all be grateful for is Pope Francis. He shows us daily how to live with humble simplicity and gratitude for all that the Lord has provided us. In his Oct. 13 homily, he spoke about the importance of gratitude and thankfulness for the Christian community and for family life. He said, “If families can say these three things, they will be fine: ‘sorry,’ ‘excuse me,’ ‘thank you.’ How often do we say ‘thank you’ in our families? How often do we say ‘thank you’ to those who help us, those close to us, those at our side throughout life? All too often we take everything for granted.” What a powerful message he gives us to think about.

As you gather with family and friends this Thanksgiving, can you say I’m sorry, or excuse me or thank you to those closest to you, as Pope Francis suggests? Can you be truly thankful for your parents, brothers and sisters, grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins? Tell them how you feel I guarantee, it will make their holiday and yours too. This Thanksgiving, may God bless you and your family bountifully!

God is good. Always!