Kids’ Page February 2014


Peace and joy to you my young friends,

Our year is off to a chilly start outside, but I trust there is much love in your hearts as you look forward to Valentine’s Day on February 14. We talked last month about building a closer friendship with Jesus. Why don’t we start by making Jesus our Valentine?

God so loved us that he sent us his only son Jesus to be with us here on earth. What a powerful way for him to show us his love. Over the next week you may be thinking about what to get your special Valentine. We get so busy in the thoughts of giving cards, flowers and presents, making sure our words to those we love are just perfect. What about our words to the person who loves us most? What will our Valentine to Jesus say?

Take out some paper and put down some thoughts. This is a great opportunity for you to spend some regular, personal time with Jesus. Write that message for Jesus and hold on to it. I’d even suggest making it a regular prayer you say daily. You can even add to it as the year goes on, and by Christmas you could have a beautiful gift for the newborn Jesus. What a personal and perfect gift to our Lord, and it came directly from your heart on Valentine’s Day.

My Valentine to Jesus might start something like this: “Jesus, source of all joy, your unending love brings me great happiness. Live in me, love me and help me share your love with all I meet.”

Happy Valentine’s Day! May the peace of Christ live in you and those you love!